CivilizationCraft – Growing your city

CivilizationCraft - Growing your city -

We’ve already told you about CivilizationCraft and how to get started with it, but today, we’re going a step further and showing you tips on growing your city once you’re built your town hall.

Paying bills in CivilizationCraft

Before I get into growing your city, I have to first mention how to keep it from falling apart, and that includes learning about upkeep and bills. Every building you build, including your good old camp from the getting started guide and the town hall you need to start a city, all have upkeep costs. Every (real-life) day, you have to pay a certain amount to keep them around, so you’re going to end up with a figure that keeps getting bigger the more buildings you build.

The bills for your buildings (camp, granary) will be in your backpack, while the city ones will be in the city panel accessed through a chest on the left of your throne in the city hall and you’ll even be reminded to pay bills by the very subtle message in the video above that plays on every login. If you have enough money, you can just click on a bill to pay it. If you don’t have enough money, you need to get some.

I personally found the most effective way to get money to be mining and then trading the resources in using the /resident exchange command, which will let you exchange iron, gold, diamonds or emeralds for coins. You also get coins from killing monsters, but I found that to be far too slow.

CivilizationCraft - Growing your city -

Personally, I do not care for this feature since it piles on huge amounts of costs on you just to keep your city running, forcing you to play in ways you wouldn’t want to otherwise just to make money. However, it is very lenient and allows you to be late on bills for weeks (depends on the building) without having them demolished, so it’s not insurmountable even for people with erratic play schedules. Hopefully you’ll have friends to help you pay all those pesky bills.

Researching tech in CivilizationCraft

The primary way of unlocking buildings is research, which is accessed through the research chest on the right of your throne in the city hall. In this chest you’ll see the currently available technologies along with their costs and what they unlock. Clicking on one, and then just dragging and dropping the required amount of beakers before quitting the chest GUI will research the technology.

CivilizationCraft - Growing your city -

As to what to research, it depends on what you need. I personally went for agriculture in order to have a stable source of food in the form of a farm, and a stable source of hammers in the form of a granary (I’ll get to that in a moment). After that, I went for mining since that branch of the tech tree should eventually lead to the bank. Research ties in directly with buildings, so stick around for this next part.

Beginner buildings in CivilizationCraft

The buildings you can build are directly related to the research you’ve completed, and so the buildings I’ll be talking about are directly related to the aforementioned technologies I’ve researched – agriculture and mining.

  • Trommel –  takes your cobblestone in one chest and output dirt and resources in the other. Very useful for miners that just dig on the diamond level instead of spelunking.
  • Farm – really just a very nicely arranged field for growing crops. Provides boost to crop growth, providing you with more food than you’ll need.
  • Granary – takes in bread (you’ll have plenty leftover from the farm) and changes into hammers. Has a daily amount lock.
  • Mine – converts resources into hammers
  • Bank – allows you a more favorable version of /resident exchange, basically raising the coin value of all your stuff

CivilizationCraft - Growing your city -

There’s naturally more building – way more, in fact – and eventually you’ll explore the possibility of building each one. However that’s far off into the future, and these 5 are the basics of growing your city to a point where you no longer need any guidance and can just choose your own path.

I hope this article helped you make your city bigger and better. Watch out for those nasty bills!

Find out more about CivilizationCraft in our overview article, or find out how to get started in CivilizationCraft in our beginners guide.

Download the CivilizationCraft mod here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the Forge API.
  2. Run Minecraft at least once.
  3. Get the anticheat CivilizationCraft client from the download page.
  4. Optional: Also get the supported version of Optifine from CivilizationCraft’s download page.
  5. Put the .jar file(s) in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  6. For any additional info, head to our big Mod Installation Guide.
  7. Connect to one of the two official CivilizationCraft servers ( or
  8. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v2.0 for Minecraft 1.8.