Crossbow Mod – Craft and Customize your own crossbow


It’s one of the most common suggestions for Minecraft – Crossbows. They fit very nicely into the Minecraft universe, aren’t too complicated too implement and pretty straightforward to use. Minecraft lacks weapon variety anyway, and bows, while awesome, lack an upgraded variant since they can’t fit into the regular Minecraft wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond tiers. It should be a no-brainer to add them to a game, don’t you think? So do a lot of modders, since there are TONS of crossbow mods. But none of those modders did it quite right until micdoodle8‘s Crossbow mod came along. It’s easy to use, there are tons of customization options and even achievements. Let’s take a look at this promising mod.

First of all, to craft crossbows you need a crossbow crafting bench. This is a nice work-around for the limitations of the 3×3 crafting grid on the regular workbench. This allows a level of customization that is truly incredible. A crossbow is crafted from several components, and it’s not a cheap thing to make.

Crossbow Mod - Crafting - Mods for Minecraft

The parts are:

  • 5 limbs per bow are needed, and those can be crafted with 3 pieces of any of the classic Minecraft materials (wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond).
  • 3 sticks are needed for the handle
  • A mechanism is required, there are 4 possible mechanisms, each requiring the previous version to craft and more expensive materials. To craft the most powerful one you need 5 diamonds, 6 iron bars, 4 redstone dusts and some sticks and strings.
  • You can add an attachment as well, this can either be a scope or an elemental power (fire, lightning, frost, lava, torch, explosive etc.).
  • You’ll also need bolts to fire and these can also be built with a range of materials, with 1 piece (diamond, iron bar, etc.) giving 8 bolts.

If this sounds complicated to remember, don’t worry. Images explaining everything in further detail and crafting recipes are included in the mod’s download, so you can’t miss them. All this allows for complete customization. There are 148 crossbow combinations, and there’s one in there that fits you perfectly. Slowly upgrade to more powerful combinations until you find your perfect attachment and materials, then enjoy the immense power placed in your hands.

The crossbows are actually pretty well balanced. They don’t deal too much damage unless you fully upgrade them, and they take a long time to reload unless you build the best available mechanism and you even need good bolts to be really strong, making the only truly powerful combinations only available with tons of resources. You’ll need over 20 diamonds just to craft the strongest crossbow, not to mention the other materials or bolts that serve as ammo, but boy, do you deal serious damage once you manage to make it.

Crossbow Mod - Explosive Bolt - Mods for Minecraft

It’s still not for everyone. I personally think it fits well into the Minecraft world, but a lot of players don’t like too powerful items available in their game. I still recommend you give it a download, it won’t hurt you to try the mod, so why not? It required Forge and Render Player API, but doesn’t overwrite any core classes itself. The version for 1.3.2 is still in beta, so it is a bit buggy at the moment, but not unplayable. You can download the mod from here:

Download the Crossbow Mod and read more now!

If you installed the mod, what was your favorite crossbow combination? Tell us in the comment section below.