Doggy Talents Mod – Better Wolves for everyone


Whether or not you love or hate the wolves in Minecraft, you have to admit that there is room for them to be improved. Modder RaustBlackDragon takes full advantage of that with his Doggy Talents Mod, revamping the wolves we all know (and some love) to be more awesome and deadly. From aesthetic improvements like names and skins to advanced RPG mechanics, everything is here, and we’re going to take a look at how it all plays.

Before getting to the meat of the mod, let me explain how to actually get it to work. The mod does not replace vanilla wolves. When a wolf is tamed in the wild, he will not work like the Doggies from the mod should. You need to right click on it with a training treat to unlock it’s full potential. This will cause the love particle effect (the hearts) and your chatbox will say that it has leveled up. It is now a Doggy, not a wolf, and  you can do all sorts of cool stuff to personalize it. First of all, you can change it’s name by right clicking on it with a stick, the same menu also contains talents, which I will get to later. Your Doggy’s name will always show, however, if you get closer, you can also find out more information about it. Secondly, you can change the Doggy’s skin by right clicking it with a sign. This will toggle through the 16 skins, which differ by the collar color. You can replace the 16 skins to get more personalized looks for each of your dogs.

Doggies from the Doggy Talents mod

You can also set the Doggy’s stance which will affect how it treats enemies. There are 4 modes:

  • Docile – your Doggy will not attack anything or anyone, no matter what.
  • Tactical – your Doggy will only respond to the command beam, which is a craftable item used to highlight what enemy it should attack.
  • Aggressive – your Doggy will attack any enemy that is close and targeting you, regardless of whether or not you hit the enemy, but you can override it with the command beam.
  • Berserker – your Doggy will attack any enemy that is close and targeting you, regardless of whether or not you hit the enemy, and will disregard any commands given with the command beam.

These modes offer a variety of tactics to use in battle. Don’t be afraid to experiment, with this mod, your Doggies are now immortal, they cannot be permanently killed, only injured which will cause them to not attack enemies, and show the letter I next to its name when you get close  meaning it is incapacitated – a condition easily cured with some food. That won’t be a problem since Doggies accept all kinds of food now which will restore their hunger bar. The hunger bar acts like that of a player, when it is full, the dog will slowly heal over time. The level of hunger is marked by a number near the Doggy’s name (shown when you get close to it), which can be between 0 and 120, the more the better.

Doggies aren’t the passive killers you remember them to be without the mod, they can now be interacted with. You can set a dog to wander around your spawn point, making it easy to find, yet not making it just sit there for weeks and look at you playing outside. You can also craft a throwing bone and play with your Doggy. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. It is possible to make Doggies breed, and release them into the wilds from whence they came with a new item – The Collar Sheers. If you just want him to hang around on top of your head, you can do that too, by right clicking him with a bone.

The core of the mod, however, are the talents. It implements a leveling system you see in RPG games. Your dogs gain experience by killing stuff and eating your treats, and the more experience they gather, the higher level they get and the more talent points they have to spend. There are lots of really cool talents in there, but you won’t be able to get them all, so choose wisely. You can level your wolf to a cap of level 60, and that gives you enough talent points to fill out 5 talents.  Although each of them are cool in their own ways, a couple stand out:

  • HellHound – makes your Doggy deal fire damage.
  • PackPuppy – gives your dog its own portable inventory, very useful when traveling.
  • WolfMount – this makes him act as a mount.
  • BedFinder – your Doggy is now a compass. Put him on your head and he will point you the way home.

And more cool stuff you’ll have to discover yourself.

HellHound Doggy Talent

All in all, this mod is an amazing addition to Minecraft, and since it only requires ModLoader and doesn’t overwrite any core classes, it should be in your collection. You can read more, and download the mod here:

Thumbnail drawing by CrimsonWolf. Mod by RaustBlackDragon

What did you think of it? What did you name your Doggy? Tell us in the comment section below.