Eldaria Island V2 – a giant upgrade of a giant custom map


You might remember a while back reading an article about the map “Eldaria Island”. It was a beautiful custom map with amazing terrain and biomes that blew my mind. The creator, Aurelien_Sama, had stepped up his game and delivered the greatest custom terrain map to date. But now, he has outdone even himself with Eldaria Island V2, an upgrade of the original map. The new version contains lost of new islands with awesome custom biomes and even a custom Nether! The amount of awesome jammed into this 2000 by 3000 map is astounding, and you should take a gander too.

The map consists of 4 major islands and lots of little ones. One of the major islands is a slightly modified Eldaria V1. This speaks volumes about the sheer size of this map, since, if you remember, Eldaria V1 was a giant map itself. It contains the famous desert oasis and special tall mountain snow biome, as well as the regular jungle Eldaria is known for.

The island you spawn on is a completely new island, consisted of forests and deserts, but also a rainforest biome. The rainforest is one of the most amazing things you will see in Minecraft. It consists of large, tall, thin trees with very wide leaf layers on top. They are several tens of blocks tall and on the ground, small pockets of water connected with creeks surround the dirt from which the trees grow.


One of the islands is pure Eldaria, the core jungle forest biome with lots of tall, custom trees, this time with a bit more space between the ground and their lush leaves, making it a dark mob spawning place that looks extremely cool, but is not easily traversed. This island has a new twist however, as villages are added filled with villagers. But these are not your regular old boring villages. They have been tweaked and decorated and now look stunning. New buildings have been added like the abandoned mine which give the map a feel of adventure. The two villages on the island are connected with a gravel path, but the path goes through the dark forest so it isn’t very safe.

The last one of the islands is a round volcano island. The giant volcano sits in the middle surrounded by the typical lush jungle. It’s covered with obsidian and lava and looks exceptionally cool at night. Inside the volcano is a Nether portal that leads to the custom Nether, which is much different than the Nether you know. It’s consisted of floating islands of netherrock and obsidian above a giant lake of lava. These islands are connected with platforms of obsidian you have to jump on to get across. Glowstone doesn’t generate on the top, instead it’s formed into tree shapes on islands making for a cool look. In regular Nether fashion, there’s lots of fire and lava, and of course Ghasts to keep your entertained. Among the small islands I mentioned is also a mushroom island, largely unchanged from vanilla, but still cool to have.

Like with Eldaria V1, there is a hidden End portal somewhere. While I won’t say where, you can see it in the trailer, and the stronghold it’s in looks very eerie and cool, adding to the adventure feel. Sometimes you can even stumble upon a big hole leading to a big custom cave. There is a trailer for the map, which I recommend you watch, as it shows some of the features of the map I mentioned and more, and presents that whole exploring vibe best:

All that is really awesome, but it’s not everything this map has to offer. There are tons of hidden cool stuff, and you will just keep finding more. I’ve been using the map on my server, and users are finding new features all the time, so download the map and enjoy! You can read more about the map, and download it, from here:


Remember, this is not a mod, it’s a map and requires no mods to be used. Just download it, extract, and paste the folder into your saves folder. What do you think of the map? As always, leave all your feedback, opinions, questions and rants in the comment section below.