Life in the Woods: Renaissance – a fan favorite modpack returns for 1.7.10

Life in the Woods: Renaissance - a fan favorite modpack returns for 1.7.10 -

Back when the original Life in the Woods modpack came out it took our breaths away with it’s atmosphere and focus on nature. Now, two years later, Life in the Woods: Renaissance brings that experience back and better than ever, all in a handy package for Minecraft 1.7.10. Let’s take a look…

Installation and setup

The installation is handled the best way it can possibly be done while still respecting mod creators – the launcher for Life in the Woods: Renaissance is separate from the default Minecraft launcher, does most things automatically, and has its own set of options.

Life in the Woods: Renaissance - a fan favorite modpack returns for 1.7.10 -

It will automatically download the mods it is allowed to download, while giving you a pop-up with detailed instructions on how to download the rest. For each of the mods that are not included the pop-up window will directly link to – you just click it and download. If you set your download folder right, it will detect that the download has completed right away and continue with the installation process.

The idea and inspiration

What makes Life in the Woods: Renaissance unique is the approach creator Phedran takes when assembling this modpack. It isn’t just a mash-up of cool mods all stuck together with duck tape. There’s thought put behind every mod and it’s all tied together by the naturalistic theme inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau. As Phedran puts it:

Life in the Woods is still all about survival, exploration, and beauty, and there are new dangers to face, but the focus is now more than ever on creation, personal expression and discovery, and shaping the world around you, and now with multiplayer, while still holding true to your own ideals.

This is felt throughout your entire time playing with the modpack – while it feels familiar because it is still Minecraft, it feels wilder and more focused on the world around you and less on classic gameplay goals like getting better gear. But enough foreplay, let’s get down to the part that matters the most – what does the modpack actually do?

The content of Life in the Woods: Renaissance

Some of you are probably familiar with it because of the previous version of Life in the Woods which we already covered. However, I will approach this from a perspective of someone that knows nothing about the modpack.

Life in the Woods: Renaissance - a fan favorite modpack returns for 1.7.10 -

The core content in it is focused on the Overworld. The most prominent mods in the game change terrain to make it more diverse and colorful – we’ve got Biomes O’ Plenty, Plant Mega Pack, Harvestcraft, and Underground Biomes Constructs. To compliment and improve these giant additions there are small visual tweaks like Streams which makes rivers more realistic, structure generating mod Ruins, Better Foilage which makes trees fluffier, and much more. The final piece of this world puzzle are the mobs, added by Animals Plus, which make the world feel more lively.

All of these mods work together to create a vibrant, dynamic world that you can’t help but feel intrigued by.

The other major part of Life in the Woods is the food side of things. This has some overlap with terrain as mods that add new plants are a double whammy – they make the terrain prettier and they serve as a new food type. Hunger Overhaul throws its hat in the ring too, and makes the entire hunger mechanic more fun and engaging, while Vegan Option adds alternative food types.

Life in the Woods: Renaissance - a fan favorite modpack returns for 1.7.10 -

Life in the Woods: Renaissance improves upon the original Life in the Woods by also providing mods that help with and encourage building. Bibliocraft, Carpenter’s Blocks and Chisel assemble for a very feature-rich building experience. Also new are the small tweaks to the interface, enchanting, sound, the death mechanic, map and more.

A big part of the pack are the “optional” mods that don’t download automatically but need to be added separately (refer to the first section about installation) – Optifine, Dynamic Lights, Inventory Tweaks, and shaders. I recommend the first three to everyone, and the shaders to anyone with a good computer. I consider them all to be an established part of this modpack.

While it used to be a very focused modpack, Life in the Woods: Renaissance now offers a fuller package with these additions to previously untouched parts of the game.

Life in the Woods: Renaissance - a fan favorite modpack returns for 1.7.10 -

While I’m sure there’s plenty to Life in the Woods: Renaissance that I didn’t mention, I hope I’ve given you a nice overview of what it offers to the player. The additions to Renaissance just make an already amazing package even better. What I said two years ago still holds to this day:

Overall, this is one of the best mod packs I’ve ever played. While packs like FTB and Technic offer advanced blocks that allow you to build complex contraptions, Life in the Woods focuses on something else entirely and succeeds beautifully.  It comes through for the player in many ways, improving upon the natural aspects of Minecraft like exploration and crafting a refined experience through mod synergy and focus on tiny details that make it all feel so great.

You can get the modpack yourself here:

Download the Life in the Woods: Renaissance modpack here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Unzip the downloaded .zip file.
  2. Run the litwrl.jar file and let it install.
  3. Start the Life in the Woods: Renaissance launcher using the desktop icon and follow the instructions it gives you.
  4. That’s it! Enjoy!

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of pack reviewed: V2 for Minecraft 1.7.10.