Microsoft buys Mojang

Microsoft buys Mojang

Microsoft buys Mojang – confirmed! In a blog post yesterday and after a week of rumors and speculation, Mojang have announced that they are being bought by the tech giant Microsoft for a whopping 2.5 billion dollars. Notch, the creator of Minecraft, as well as the other founders, Carl and Jakob, will be leaving the company. More after the break…

Notch has also posted his own statement on the situation and his reasons for selling. He goes on to talk about how he never intended for Minecraft to get this big and that he wants to go back to doing small, simple games like he used to. His personal reasons are completely understandable and I personally hope that he will not be getting hate for selling his share of the company. Since Notch obviously does not want to be in the spotlight any more, and had little to do with Minecraft in the past two years anyway, this is the last I will talk of him in this article.

In the blog post, Mojang promises that Minecraft will continue to be developed on all platforms, though Linux is not on this platform list. They also promise to continually support the community and personally interact with their fans like always. They promise more information soon, but currently have no concrete promises to make about the future of Minecraft or any of the other Mojang games.

This is about everything we have as far as facts go, but this blog post and Microsoft’s business model up until now give foundation to plenty of speculation. I will be publishing an opinion piece soon talking about what this could mean, but if you’re a person who likes cold hard facts, this is all we have right now.

Stay tuned, because we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any other news relating to this acquisition, as well as anything else in the world of Minecraft.

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