Snapshot News – Minecraft Flying!


The most reliable source of Minecraft information in the known universe – Twitter – is abuzz with an upcoming feature for the 1.9 update. Yes, we’re getting Minecraft flying! Read on for the juicy details…

That right there is the first footage we have of Minecraft flying. Tweeted by Jeb earlier today, the video showcases some type of wings latched onto the player, enabling him to glide in a way that looks much like hang-gliding. Additional details have been released, so here’s a few keypoints of what we know so far:

  • They fold when you land and replace the cape (if any) when equipped. They are styled as the cape + new Mojang cape.

Snapshot News - Minecraft Flying

Looks like Friday’s snapshot should be a wild ride. We’ll be sure to keep you posted so you can expect a large write-up of the new features in that snapshot on Friday, including Minecraft flying, the new boats, and whatever else Mojang decide to add.

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