Fossils/Archaeology for Minecraft


There are a few mods out there that attempt the discovery of fossils and other ancient artifacts. Some of these mods do it relatively well, others not so much.

The Fossil/Archaeology Mod [v4.4] shines where the others are lacking. From great artwork to amazing creativity and several unique features. This mod is definitely the one for any hobby archaeologist who wants to uncover the mysteries of our distant past from the comfort of their own home.



Fossil blocks look similar to stones, but are harder to mine. The drops from them are randomized and broken up into percentages.

Bio-fossil (22.5%)
Relics (23%)
Bones (40%)
Skulls (10%)
Broken Swords (5%)
Scarab Gems (0.001%)

The skulls & bones are the remains of ancient Minecraft civilization. Skulls can be placed on the ground, made into a creepy ass lantern or turned into bone meal.

The Analyzer

This machine is used to analyze bio-fossils or relics. If there are any live tissues inside the fossilized remains that contain DNA, the analyzer can find these. The analyzer also works to restore relics into stoneboard which might contain cryptic messages left by past civilizations.

The Cultivator

This machine gets fed DNA + bio-fossil and then tries to rebuild the cells using organic items as material. This is a fairly complex process so it definitely takes some time. If everything goes as planned the cultivator will produce an egg. The egg will then hatch into whatever creatures DNA you found.

Archaeology Workbench

If you happen to break down a a block of fossil and it drops a broken sword you can place the sword on the workbench to be repaired. There’s a micro-processor inside of the workbench which will read information from relics and the machine will try to rebuild them.

Ancient Ferns

These are ancient plants that have managed to carry themselves over into modern times. They’ll only grow under trees and will continue to breed as time passes. They drop nothing.

New Mobs introduced with this Mod are:


– docile in nature
– can be contained within a fenced area
– will follow owner over long distances
– when free-roaming they will not follow the owner
– have 3 sub-species


– will follow owner and pick up anything dropped
– will attack in groups
– self-hunts
– self-learning (will teach themselves to open chests)

Tyrannosaurus Rex

– hunt within a fixed territory
– will break anything in its way with a weakness less than iron
– cannot walk on ice due to being so heavy
– immune to arrows
– wont crash houses when tamed
– can be ridden and directed

If you’d like to tap into your inner-archaeologist you can download this mod right here