SkyGrid – a frustrating but rewarding survival map


Minecraft players are always looking for a new, unique challenge. This is why maps like the Vechs Survival series and SkyBlock are very popular. Now, another map entered the fray, made by sethbling, a rather skilled redstone artist. SkyGrid is his first map of this kind, but it got so much attention that a sequel of sorts is probably in the works already. If you want order Viagra with next day delivery, please, go to for buying with cheap price in USA. Now, onto the actual map. SkyGrid is a map filled with floating blocks placed on a four block grid. So every fourth block in every direction is an actual block, and everything else is air. It’s an interesting concept for sure, but how does it play?

You spawn on a coal block. At first look, the entire thing is very confusing, or, to quote the creator “trippy”.  At first, the only way to move around is to jump from block to block. This requires you to sprint first, and is very challenging. You will fall a lot, sometimes you will die, and sometimes you will just land a couple levels down and continue playing. Your first goal is to get some wood and 3 pieces of wool. You craft the wood into planks, make a small platform with a craftbench on it and make a bed. Pick the location of your platform well: it needs to have both a water source, grass and lava nearby. This is the first thing to do because it sets your spawn point to the, at least for now, small platform you call home so that when you die you spawn back there and not back at spawn, making it easier to progress. I recommend you make a chest and store all your non-essential items there.

Skygrid Minecraft Map - Small Platform Home

After you’re set up, the next thing to make is a cobblestone generator, so that you can mine it and expand your home. The way you progress from here on out is your choice. You can either mine a whole bunch of cobblestone and just make bridges to gather resources, or you can store all the important stuff in a chest and go adventuring for more resources, once again leaping from block to block hoping the game won’t lag. That’s one of the main problems of SkyGrid – because it is so dependent on precision it’s very frustrating when Minecraft stutters (like we all know it does) and you fall to your death while carrying a whole bunch of resources.

SkyGrid Minecraft Map - resources inventory

Food is a major issue when you’re playing SkyGrid. Some good tips would be to actually build near a pig spawner, if you can find one, but that’s tricky. Most players will want to find a melon, which is fairly common, and make a small farm next to their platform. Watch out for falling lava! The map is currently bugged that lava or water may start randomly flowing down, instead of standing still in block form like it should. Build a non-flammable roof above your house with a border to stop this from burning everything down. Though there aren’t any official map goals, you can enter the Nether, which is also in SkyGrid form, and then proceed to the End through a portal right under spawn. Beat the Enderdragon this way and you are truly the lord of everything Minecraft and beyond! Seriously, it’s really hard, so if you want a challenge, go ahead.A video by the creator, sethbling, showcasing the map SkyGrid.

When everything is said and done, despite some problems, this is an entertaining and rewarding experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Download it from here:

Download SkyGrid – a frustrating but rewarding survival map

How many times did you die? How far did you get? Do you want more maps of this kind? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.