Snapshot News – enchantments, igloos, captions and more!

Snapshot News Igloos 15w45a -

It’s time for us to take another look at the changes that have been happening in Minecraft for the past few weeks. The latest snapshot we’re covering is 15w45a, but we’ll also be talking about changes all the way back to 15w42a. Lots of exciting stuff has been happening – new enchantments, randomly spawning igloos, captions, end crystals, some balance changes and more. Read on for the full scoop…

New enchantments

We’ll begin with some new enchantments, the most exciting of which is Frost Walker. This new enchantment, obtainable only through enchanted books that spawn in loot chests around the world, allows you to walk on water by freezing it in a radius of 3 blocks around you. The ice then melts away over a couple of seconds, making this a nice perk, but not something that you can abuse to farm ice.

Another interesting enchantment is Mending, which uses your XP to repair the item enchanted with it. It stacks with unbreakable and both can be applied on the new wings items, making them effectively indestructible. Yay!

Mechanical changes

Moving on we’ve got a compilation of some really neat mechanical changes. While there were plenty over the past weeks, these four stood out to me as the most notable ones.

Snapshot News Igloos 15w45a -

  • Wings no longer allow you to get higher than the original height you jumped from
  • Blaze powder needed for brewing now (new slot in GUI)
  • Landing on a haybale will make you take only 20% fall damage (Ezio approves this change)
  • Potion of luck – a new potion that increases changes of getting high-quality loot.


A new randomly generated structure has been added to the world and it spawns in the most desolate of all biomes – the ice plains. Yes, igloos are now in the game. The tiny white houses (as seen in the image at the top of the article) are fully furnished and sometimes even have a hidden basement (seen in the picture below) with some creepy stuff going on.

Snapshot News Igloos 15w45a -

While this might not be a huge change and will probably go largely unnoticed, it adds flavor to the world so I love it when stuff like this gets added.


A new system has also been added that allows captions aka subtitles to function within Minecraft. This can be useful in lots of scenarios, for example for people with hearing problems, or to no longer be extremely prone to creeper sneak attacks while listening to music.

Snapshot News Igloos 15w45a -

It’s a great feature and it’s about time it made it’s way in. If the picture above does not explain it well enough, there’s a very neat short gfy Dinnerbone posted to showcase how it works.

End Crystals

Another new addition is a way to respawn the Ender Dragon in order to fight him once more. The End Crystals – those glowy things at the top of the obsidian pillars in the end, can now be placed on the four corners of the exit portal and the dragon will respawn.

Snapshot News Igloos 15w45a -

Besides all these new features, there were tons of bugfixes. So many, in fact, that it is likely that 1.9 is now more or less feature complete and we’ll be seeing a full release. In that case, expect this to be the last Snapshot News before the update is actually out. If you’ve missed out on the earlier additions and changes to the game, check out our previous Snapshot News article.

That’s it for this snapshot, but stay tuned for even more Minecraft news, as well as our usual mod reviews and other cool stuff!

You can download the snapshot via the Minecraft launcher (just go to Edit Profile and enable developmental versions).

Like always, feel free to discuss the snapshot and voice any feedback you might have in the comment section below.