Sphax PureBDCraft


You’ve seen it in most screenshots I put in articles. People have asked about it in the comment section. I’ve praised it to anyone that would listen. Of course, I’m talking about Sphax PureBDCraft – one of my absolute favorite texture packs for Minecraft. It’s one of the best texture packs and I love it to death. Here’s why.

It looks amazing, every texture oozes with that cool comic book style. That artistic cartoon-like style is one of my favorite things about the pack. It just feels right for Minecraft, it feels like Minecraft was always meant to look like that. Dirt, stone, gravel and wood all have their specific little patterns that are recognizable and unique to the texture pack. The world blends together so nicely, and is a sight to behold. It never strains your eyes with too many colors, yet it looks colorful and bright.

Ores have their own unique patterns that make them more easily recognized when in a mine. The animals look goofy and fun, and the monsters look clean, yet scary. The tools strike a nice balance between realism and cartoons, while other items lean more to the overall cartoon style, but retain a unique look that will burn into your brain as the default look after a few hours of play.

It supports tons of mods like The Aether, Better Than Wolves and more. Sphax keeps adding more mods to the support list, and has made two of his own mods that are also supported. Randomobs, Wild Grass, GLSL Shaders and CTM are also supported so anyone who likes Minecraft to look stunning with any of those mods can rest assured they will fit in nicely with the texturepack.

It’s quickly updated. Don’t you just hate it when Minecraft gets updated, and you have to wait on your favorite texture pack for days, if not weeks? You can forget about that as Sphax updates this baby faster than most texture artists out there. I’ve never waited for too long for this pack to receive the latest update, and I think that’s awesome.

It’s highly customizable. There are alternatives for almost anything in the pack, so you can easily change it if you do find something you don’t like. The pack is also vector based, meaning it’s available for all sizes, ranging from 16x (default Minecraft) to 512x (THAT LOOKS GOOD, oh no, what happened to my framerate?).

This texture pack is a favorite of video creators as well – you can see it in a lot of cinematic Minecraft videos from various famous creators, like this one:

I just can’t give enough praise to this texture pack. It’s an absolute favorite of mine and the only thing I guess there’s only one thing left to say, isn’t there.

You can read more about, and download this texture pack from the official site here:


What do you think of the texture pack? Have you heard of it before? Do you have any suggestions for it? As always, leave all your feedback in the comment section below.