Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta gets huge update!

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta gets huge update! - McModder.net

Our main focus over the years has been the original and main version of Minecraft – our good old Java build. Other versions were of little interest to the modding community. However, with the arrival of the Windows 10 Edition which is poised to become the new “main” version, I think it’s important to keep you updated on how it’s going, and it just got a huge update, so let’s get started…

For those not in the know, the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft is currently in Beta and available on the Microsoft store for 10$, or free for all owners of the main version. Chances are that if you’re reading this you can get it for free through your Mojang profile. The Windows 10 Edition is based on the Pocket Edition, meaning it runs much smoother, but also isn’t at feature parity with the main version of the game. They are improving it quickly, though, and it may reach feature parity soon.

The problem with it is that it does not support modding of any kind, and isn’t looking like it will any time soon given the way it’s closed off, both through the game itself and the store that holds it. That doesn’t mean it never will, just that there’s a long road ahead, but seeing how the official modding API has been a no-show for several years, it seems likely that Mojang are just going to slowly abandon the Java version (as they already might be, with the latest update taking so long and all), and switch over to the Windows 10 Edition and work the API into that.


But that’s all in the future. Right now, there’s a new update coming out and it brings the following features, courtesy of the Mojang blog:

  • Repeaters, comparators, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, trapped chests, minecraft with chest/tnt/hopper (pewh)

  • Witches! Make sure you’re avoiding the splash potions they’re throwing at you! They can make you move slower or even poison you. Spooky stuff!

  • Armour dying. Tired of the usual look? Why not try the other 10 000 000 colours? Put your pants in the cauldron together with a dye and enjoy the new design!

  • Item frames. Show off your adventurous loot or put up one of your maps to remember the endless journeys.

  • Pumpkin and mob head hats. I know it is a bit early for Halloween, but at least now you can prepare properly! :)

  • And numerous bugs has been squashed, and unfortunately some have probably been sneaking in as well.

The update should be out soon, and makes the Windows 10 Edition Beta even more enticing for those on low-end systems or not interested in mods. Us mod fans however will continue to just check it out and keep tabs on it, hoping it will one day support the mods we love.

Stay tuned for even more Minecraft news, as well as our usual mod reviews and other cool stuff! Like always, feel free to discuss the snapshot and voice any feedback you might have in the comment section below.