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Texture Pack Gallery - Realistico

In this edition of Texture Pack Gallery we're taking a look at Realistico - a 512x resource pack focused on extremely high fidelity textures and bumpmapping while maintaining the default Minecraft colors and shapes. Let's take a look…

The approach creator matteorizzo takes with Realistico is an interesting one - he's taking the 16x default pack and revamping the textures so that the pixels are still the same, except they are no longer just pixels, but rather textures that fit in with the other textures of the same block. The result of this is a beautifully detailed texture up close, but the same old Minecraft look from far away. The pack also supports bumpmapping - a feature of shaders that makes the textures have dents and bumps instead of just being flat.

The pack is not complete, so a lot of textures are missing and the gallery will therefore be limited in scope. There are no mobs or icons, and the pack mostly consists of the most common terrain and building blocks. I hope the pack will be finished eventually since it shows a lot of promise but is very much a work-in-progress at the moment. Nevertheless I wanted to showcase it in a gallery, so here goes:

We hope you enjoyed the Texture Pack Gallery! Here's a higher resolution version of these pictures and a download link:

Full HD screenshot album (no watermark) of Realistico here!

Download the Realistico resource pack here!

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