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Christmas Mod 1.1 is here to put you in a holiday mood

'Tis the season they say, and if the Minecraft forums are anything to go by, they are correct. Tons of holiday themed mods have been popping up left and right, and they all do pretty much the same thing just in a different way. This time last year I covered ChristmasCraft, the most popular mod of this kind, but this year I'm going to show you Christmas Mod by modder Batak, that, despite it's Christmas name, has less specifically Christmas-y stuff and more general holiday mood stuff than other mods. Let's take a look.

The mod adds all kinds of holiday items for you to decorate your house, town, castle and more. The classic Christmas decorations are here, with a craftable tree that looks great and is to scale, gifts of different colors (no different shapes and sizes unfortunately). Stocking can be crafted and placed on any block, preferably over your fireplace. There are several different decorations in the form of garlands, those of you unfamiliar with garlands, they are festively decorated cords that people wear or decorate their houses with. This mod adds several garlands all different, but all beautifully textured.

It doesn't stop there either, folks! There are also square ornaments for you to place on regular big Minecraft trees. These are fantastic for decorating a park. The mod adds 2 new items, a snowflake and a tree branch, that are used alongside other vanilla Minecraft items to craft all of this wonderful festive goodness. I think this mod really stands out from the rest are the beautiful textures. Everything looks so bright and colorful yet it's detailed and nicely shaded which removes the eyestrain that tends to happen when low-res packs are really bright.

To conclude, while other mods like ChristmasCraft certainly offer more content (better gifts, snowy weather), this mod keeps it simple but gorgeous with nice textures and just enough items for decorations to be varied, but not enough that you get lost. It supports Forge, Bukkit and naturally works in multiplayer, so you can enjoy it without much hassle. You can view all the recipes for items in the mod here, and you can get the mod here:

Download the Christmas Mod 1.1 here!

As always, tell us how you liked the mod in the comment section below. Stay tuned for another holiday article on Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays everyone!