Minecraft Mods

Get in the holiday mood…

… with some Minecraft mods, videos and art! It's Creepmas Eve people, time to get in the holiday mood! I'm gonna list some holiday Minecraft stuff you should definitely check out, so you don't have to go on a grand adventure through various element themed dungeons culminating in a boss battle to save a princess just to find them.

We'll start off with a mod. This is Mods-For-Minecraft after all. The mod I'm going to talk about is called ChristmasCraft, and as the name suggest it adds all kinds of Christmas-y stuff to Minecraft!

The first thing you'll notice using it is that there's snow everywhere! That's because the creator made biomes colder to achieve that White Christmas feel. Then there are cool new items and treats for Santa, but I guess you can have some too. It also adds Christmas ornaments, a tree stand for your Christmas tree and stockings you can decorate your non-festive house with. You can also wrap any item to make it a placeable gift block, which is amazing in multiplayer (the mod is Bukkit and Vanilla server compatible). There are also new festive mobs, including the Creeper Claus and Ender Elves. All in all I liked this mod very much, it's nice festive fun and easily spreads it's holiday cheer onto you.

A few images taken by the mod's creator:

There are other festive mods out there, but this one is the most famous one so I showcased that one.

I'd also like to show you guys a great festive video by The Timelapse Kings - FyreUK! They made a giant holiday themed village and recorded themselves doing it. It's an amazing video, worth every second of your time and will inspire you to go build something like it yourself!

And last, but not least, you should check out a Creepmas story by sircrowbar on the Minecraft Reddit, “The Night before Creepmas”.

I wish you have a great time this holiday season, all of you. Especially you, yes you, you know I'm talking about YOU.