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The Incredible Humans+ Mod


I know that we already covered the Humans+ mod sometime back in late June but our post was far too brief and only served as an injustice to this absolute gem of a mod. This site has absolutely exploded with traffic so we know a lot of people are coming to us to find out the latest and greatest in the Minecraft mods community - so let's give Humans+ its proper dues and get right inside of this fantastic creation.

First of all, the Humans+ mod is excellent for anyone who is starting to find that Minecraft is becoming a little dry and wants to spice things up a bit with Minecraft mods. This mod will completely renew your faith in this game, especially if you're not willing to hop into multiplayer. I mean sure, the new mobs that Humans+ tosses into the mix aren't exactly capable of holding a real, meaningful conversation with you, but its still exciting to come across and interact with something new every once in a while other than pig, chicken, pig, tree. So with that said, here it is…

The Feature List

- Over 15 Unique Human Mobs which include: Bandit, Rogue, Assassin, Rogue Archer, Hunter, Him, Settler, Lost Miner, Wanderer, Mob Horse, Knight, Elf, Samurai, Pirate and Shadow Walker.

- A fully working alignment system which you can gain/lost trust from different factions.

- Over 20 new Items which includes: swords, flags, food and more.

- Faction Flags, very rare drops that can be placed on walls to act as mob spawners for the faction they represent.

- Friends, some factions will help you if you are good enough, others will work for contracts.

- Fully customizable config file, change all of the values to get a truly unique experience.

- Equestrians! Thanks to the great DrZhark for giving me the horse code, with a little modification i was able to make horses that Humans can mount and ride!

- Fishermen, Pirates are able to fish for any water creature, be it added from another mod or in the original minecraft.

- Zelda style hearts are a 1 in 3 drop from most mobs, they will heal 1 heart on contact.

- Leaders spawn with a group of their faction that follow them around and fight for them, leaders themselves are stronger, faster and have moer health, They also have randomly picked names above their heads and wear special leader capes.

- WIP: Targeting compatibility with other mods.

- Over 70 Textures for the mobs, they are randomly picked at spawn, but each faction has their own texture pool and are easy to tell apart.

Some Prequisites to Installing Humans+

- Valid Minecraft Alpha/Beta Account.

- Minecraft 1.7.3 Client.

- Risugami's ModLoader.

- Risugami's AudioMod.

- An Archiver that can handle a RAR (Winrar, 7Zip, etc)

Humans+ Installation Instructions:

(This is written on the premise you know how to get to your .minecraft folder, minecraft.jar and insert classes using an archiver).

1. Back up your minecraft.jar.
2. First make sure you have Risugami's Modloader and AudioMod installed to your minecraft.jar.
3. Copy ALL of the files from “Inject to minecraft.jar” Into your minecraft.jar.
4. Copy the folder “humansplus” from in “Inject to minecraft.jar” STRAIGHT into your minecraft.jar
5. Add the files from resources to the resources in your .minecraft folder (%appdata%.minecraft).
6. Copy “mods” folder directly to your .minecraft folder.
7. Delete META-INF from your minecraft.jar and close.
8. Start up minecraft and test.

And last but not least, you can download the Humans+ mod right here