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What Operation “Spitting Nova” is, and why you should care

Silly name, isn't it - “Spitting Nova” - but what exactly is Mojang hiding behind that name, and should you care about it? Well, since you're visiting this site, you most likely should care, since it will not only greatly change the way Minecraft works but also break all mods in order to make them finally properly work. This may all sound confusing at first, but read on and I'll explain.

You've probably heard of the upcoming Mod API that will make modding for Minecraft easier and allow more people to get into mods for Minecraft, however a big step needs to be made before that can happen and that step includes completely reworking the code of Minecraft to make singleplayer run as a local server. This big step is Operation “Spitting Nova”. With the latest 12w18a snapshot, the Minecraft team has begun reworking Minecraft's code to allow this.

Jeb said on the Mojang blog:

Important! This week's snapshot is extra experimental!

This week we've started working on separating the server logic from the client. The purpose of this is both to make it easier for us to add features (since we don't have to implement stuff “twice”), and also to make it possible for you to invite people to play on your local computer without setting up a server. In other words, more like how it works on Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

This move broke a lot of things, and it's not just little things like some redstone contraptions breaking, this completely broke enchanting and even the End. But don't worry, they will fix everything (you're welcome to help) and implement the Mod API before this is released as an official update.  So what will this mean for the average user?

First of all, multiplayer will now be a lot easier to mod. Since even singleplayer runs through the server now and Mojang are adding several ways for servers to install data onto the client, all mods will support multiplayer. If you play SMP you know how much this means - this will completely revolutionize the way servers can operate allowing admins to create completely custom experiences for servers. Sure it will break all your favorite mods at first, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Secondly, this will be awesome for LAN parties. You can play in your own world, build at your leisure, and a friend can come over with his laptop, connect to your world and explore and help you build. Last, but not least, this means Minecraft will be much more stable. Without having to deal with two versions of the game, it will all work through one, meaning it will have better performance and stability.

What do you think of all this? Are you excited for the changes, or do you hate that they're concentrating on and just want them to keep adding new features? Leave it all in the comment section below.