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New Dawn - A Realistic New Terrain Engine

The terrain mod scene is dominated by biome mods that add a ton of new biomes to the game and improve on terrain generation in that way. But, there haven't been many mods that actually modify the terrain engine itself. New Dawn by TwoThe does exactly this. This means more realistic terrain and smoother biome generation. Let's take a look…

New Dawn is fundamentally different from the regular terrain engine because  instead of calculating the terrain around biomes, it calculates biomes around terrain (in layman's terms). What this means in the big picture is smoother, more realistic terrain.  The mod assesses the terrain as if it were real and places biomes based on humidity and temperature. This results in biome borders that make sense and create a much more realistic world, but it also means sometimes New Dawn biomes will be really small (even single blocks) in the name of realism.

The mod also changes how mountains look drastically, making them taller and more impressive. In contrast to the rest of the terrain which is now a fair bit flatter than in vanilla, they look monumental.

Structure placement has also been improved a lot. Partially because the terrain is flatter so it's easier to place structures, but also because New Dawn changes the code so their location is more realistic. No more bugged out villages in the middle of a ravine, say hello to riverside villages and house entrances that are actually accessible.

Since the mod strives for realism, there's some new features that weren't there in vanilla. Clay deposits will now often be found on the surface, as well as patches of stone or sand which are now common but used to be pretty unusual.

However, the mod has one major flaw. While the terrain changes are all well and nice, they don't provide a lot of variety beyond what the vanilla game provides. If you're new to terrain mods this might be fine, but if, like me, you've enjoyed the luxury of Biomes o' Plenty and ExtraBiomesXL for a while now, it will seem bland and boring in comparison.

To conclude, while I would not recommend this mod to everyone since the variety in other mods outweighs the realism of this one for many people, I would recommend it to folks who find biome mods too flashy and would prefer a more realistic approach to Minecraft's terrain. If you want to try the mod yourself, you can get it here:

Download the New Dawn mod here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the Forge API.
  2. Run Minecraft at least once.
  3. Put the mod's .zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  4. For any additional info, head to our big Mod Installation Guide.
  5. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: 140108  for Minecraft 1.6.4.