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Upcoming: PaleoCraft - Realistic Dinosaurs in Minecraft!


Welcome back to another edition of Upcoming, the series in which we take a look at some upcoming mods for Minecraft. This time we're taking a look at PaleoCraft by modder Dan_Wallace. This mod sets out to create a new dimension filled with realistic dinosaurs.

PaleoCraft adds a new dimension, tons of new dinosaur mobs (some WIP) with more content coming. We're covering all the currently available mobs along with the terrain and portal. Here's a table of contents (click on the section to go to it):


The portal to the dinosaur dimension is built using mossy cobblestone (get it in a dungeon or in ruins). Place the mossy cobble in a portal shape just like you would obsidian for a Nether portal. Now you need a fossil, which is crafted by surrounding a bone with smoothstone in the crafting bench. Right click the portal frame with the fossil and you've got yourself a working portal.


The terrain generation for this mod is not done yet, but information available says there will be five biomes, all Paleo versions of regular world biomes. Those are:

  • PaleoPlains
  • PaleoDesert
  • PaleoSwamp
  • PaleoForest
  • PaleoSea

Right now most of them are just mostly flat terrain with some lakes here and there, but each biome will have complicated flora by the time the mod is really done.


This vicious guy is a medium sized dinosaur that hangs out near bodies of water (mostly swamps). He's green with red stripes and even though it can get territorial and dangerous, it's easy to avoid due to it's loud call.


This dinosaur is small and looks similar to a rooster. It has most of the body features of a rooster, including the distinct neck. It is easily frightened and will run away from you.


The Dromaeosaurus is a red and brown colored raptor that isn't very big, but isn't small either. It lives in areas like forests and plains, and can be tamed using  raw meat.


This fellow is currently the only flying dinosaur in the mod (though more are planned). It is recognizable by its bright yellow color and loud bird-like chirping. It is easily frightened and will flee from you. It can be found where there are enough trees to hide from predators.


The Troodon is the night stalker of the dinosaur world. It has black feathers that help it blend into the darkness and hunt, though it will mostly run away from the player.


This big boy is the only water dinosaur currently in the mod. It is extremely big and looks like a mix between a whale and a shark. It is very dangerous and very territorial so it is recommended you stay away.

That's it for current content, but the mod is far from done, and a Wave 2 update with tons of new mobs and content is on the way. The mod is available for download if you want to play around with it, but it's important to note that it is not done yet and we recommend most users wait for a more complete release. There will be no download instructions since this is not intended for the everyday user. For anyone still interested, here's the link

Download PaleoCraft here.

WARNING: Mod is still in heavy development and may not work as intended. You might want to wait for the actual release.

Tell us what upcoming mod you'd like to read more about and, as always, feel free to leave any feedback right in that comment section down below.