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Organic Cathedral - another stunning map by Aurelien Sama

I'm a big fan of Aurelien_Sama and his work. His maps are downright the best custom terrain maps you can get. Every map he releases has a new amazing landscape that I can't help but look at and go “Woooow”. His latest creation is Organic Cathedral, a small but very interesting map that, focuses on the centerpiece Organic Cathedral that, like the name suggests, is a landscape that is very tall and shares features with common cathedral layouts. It's not only absolutely and utterly stunning, it's also very fun to play on. Read on for more…

The Organic Cathedral at the center of the map is so large that you cannot see it all from any viewpoint unless you have Optifine and the view distance turned to Extreme. This speaks volumes of how big this shape is, and every bit of it stunning. You spawn in front of it and have a small, very quaint path leading to the middle where there is an epic view of a beacon beam surrounded by a like and very fantasy inspired lights. It's a sight to behold, and the center of the Cathedral.

The narrow but tall pieces that consist the cathedral break into the sky and take complete advantage of the bigger height limit Mojang added earlier this year. The entire thing is very beautiful but hard to navigate which just makes it more fun. There are plenty of fantastic spots that you can build your house/base on. The map, unlike the previous maps from Aurelien Sama, isn't an island but is rather surrounded by regular Minecraft terrain that can just generate more if you want to explore.

It's interesting how well the map actually works as a survival map, considering how highly customized the terrain is and how focused it is on epic sights. That is, if you can stop staring at the terrain and actual play survival. Ores, strongholds and every other terrain feature you might need to properly play is there. This map doesn't include a Custom Nether, so it's less stunning in that dimension. We can probably expect this fantastic map to be added to a new version of Eldaria soon enough, since it was done before. I await that moment patiently.

You should check this map out. Even if you don't plan on playing survival on it, get it just to admire the view and explore for an hour of two. You will not be disappointed. You can check out more pictures (some of which I used for this article because they were so stunning), a well put together cinematic, and get the map itself here:

Download the Organic Cathedral map here!

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