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Defscape (16x,32x,64x) - a smooth and playful texture pack

Realism in Minecraft texture packs often comes at a cost - grain. Beautiful vistas soon turn into grainy messes before your eyes, all the expense of some detail. This is especially true for realistic packs. It is hard to create a detailed texture pack that still looks smooth, but Defscape pulls it off wonderfully while staying true to the default texture pack. Read on to see how…

Let's begin with the usual - terrain. In the introduction I already spoke of the main advantage of this very beautiful pack - it's smoothness without sacrificing important detail. More often than not a pack will have one or the other, but Defscape pulls off beauty both up close and from far away. It's hills and valley are smooth and simple yet charmingly unique. Colors are very strong for dirt and grass with a peculiar choice of purple grass color in swamps that might sound strange but works well.

Up close and personal, which is mostly in interiors, the pack doesn't disappoint. The almost simple style of blocks isn't as pronounced as the packs colors, but is unique enough to hold it's own in a sea of packs. It resembles the default packs but does away with the sharp pixels. It works well on big buildings and small, making otherwise jarring builds easy on the eye.

Underground the pack works well as well. Stone is very simple but has a nice, subtle pattern. Ores are visible and each has it's own unique style, making mining a joy.

Items aren't very unique, but look good. The creator took the default item sprites and just spruced them up and made them smoother. Mobs don't deviate greatly from the vanilla Minecraft style as well, but are retooled and slightly altered to make for a better, smoother look. Don't worry about scarier enemies or new and unique mob designs, everything should be instantly familiar to you, simply a bit nicer.

The Nether is brighter than usual and textures, while still smoother than vanilla, do tend to look rougher than the overworld ones, creating a very probably purposeful sense of a perilous realm. It might not seem like much, but it's an effective enough way to make the Nether seem deadlier. Nether mobs are as smooth as the overworld ones and the rest of the pack. The entire pack just seems so seamless in comparison to vanilla and most other packs.

The pack is available in 16x, 32x and 64x resolutions. Pick 64x for the smoothest smoothness. There isn't any notable mod support (no Aether, sorry guys) as the pack itself is only 75% done though it blends well enough with vanilla that it is more than playable. You can get it here:

Download the Defscape (16x,32x,64x) texture pack here!

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