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The Diamond Pickaxe Awards 2013 - Vote now!



We interrupt your scheduled programming for a special announcement. It's that time of year again - time for our annual Diamond Pickaxe Awards! For the third year running, we let you pick the best of the best in Minecraft modding. This year we've got 7 categories, each with 6 nominees for you to vote on right here…

Here's a promo video to get you rolling.

We picked 6 nominees we deemed appropriate for each category, but we're not making you pick any of them - you can enter your own answer as well! Don't worry about typos, we'll sort it all out.

Wouldn't want to keep you waiting so we'll get the big one out of the way first. Here are our nominees for Mod of the Year:

Next up is Pack of the Year. This is where you vote for the resource pack (previously texture pack) that you though rocked 2013.The nominees are:

Moving onto the more specific categories, lots of mods add creatures into the game, but only a small number are memorable. Choose your Best Mob added by a mod:

Next, terrain generation is a huge part of Minecraft, and so mods that alter it can be very memorable. Pick the Best Terrain Mod:

It's not all about the looks. Sound matter too! Vote for Best Sound in a mod:

The gameplay is what keeps you coming back. Choose the Best Game Mechanic in a mod:

Some of the bigger mods focus on adding entire new dimensions to the game. Which was the Best Dimension added by a mod:

Finally, sometimes mods will aim to improve an already existing part of Minecraft. Pick the Best Vanilla Overhaul mod:

That's it! The polls will be open until 00:00 on the 31st of December (GMT time). Results will be posted on the 1st of January. We hope you voted and were happy with the categories. Feel free to give us feedback and engage in discussion in the comment section below.

Happy holidays!