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Texture Pack Gallery - Conquest

In this edition of Texture Pack Gallery we're going to be taking a look at one of the most prominent 32x packs out there - Conquest. Based on the legendary JohnSmith pack, Conquest by monsterfisher brings a vibrant medieval style to your Minecraft world. Let's take a look…

Conquest's unique medieval design provides a very fantasy-inspired aesthetic to the terrain in Minecraft. The textures are very detailed and sharply contrasted, giving the world a very sharp look, though somewhat sacrificing overall smoothness of terrain. The mobs follow the vanilla aesthetic, but are given a bit more detail and a fresh coat of paint to fit in with the rest of the pack. The icons for items are sharp and clean, though sometimes a lot different than vanilla, so they take some getting used to.

To emphasize the fantasy aesthetic, I've taken some of the screenshots in the wonderful Project: Midieval and Túnsfjord custom maps. Without further ado, the gallery:

We hope you enjoyed the Texture Pack Gallery! Here's a higher resolution version of these pictures and a download link:

Full HD screenshot album (no watermark) of Conquest here!

Download the Conquest resource pack here!

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