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1.4. Update News - The Pretty Scary Update with Witches and Bats!

It has been confirmed - the 1.4 update is coming this Halloween and it is dubbed the “Pretty Scary Update”. It will bring more bug fixes and sounds, new mobs including the witch and the bat, and even new blocks for the end-game. Right now we're focusing on the two new, just announced mobs - the witch and the bat which are included in the latest snapshot, so you can try them out yourself if you'd like. For more info about them, read on…

Let's start with the bat. Already in the game via several mods, bats are one of the most suggested mobs for the game, probably because of the game's focus on caves, and of course, because Batman. They're finally in for this second Halloween update, and they are all that you'd expect them to be. They spawn in caves and sleep on the ceiling until you approach, at which point they start frantically flying around. They steer clear from sunlight, so you won't see them flying around your house.

The witch is a bit more complicated - she's a ranged hostile mob. She attacks with splash potions of damage or various other debuffs, and even drinks some potions to make herself more powerful. She's invulnerable to most potions, and before she attacks her wiggly nose raises and an empty bottle appears in her hand, signifying her incoming attack and your imminent doom. Her look is based on the villagers, with a similar face and wiggly nose, just different robes and a good old pointy witch hat.

If you'd like to play with the new mobs yourself, you can download the latest snapshot here:

Download Minecraft Snapshot 12w38 now! (Advanced users only).

I personally enjoy the new mobs. There was need for another ranged mob to join the skeleton, and a potion throwing witch is a really good idea considering that anything else would've been too similar to the skeleton bow attacks. The bats will nicely bring caves to life, something a lot of people have been asking for some time now. More news about the upcoming 1.4 update will emerge, and expect to find the biggest developments covered in future articles. Do you like the new mobs? What mob do you think should be added next? Give your voice an audience in the comment section below.