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The Aether gets a pre-release - compatible with 1.2.5

Well, you've been asking for it and now you have it, the first version of Aether for Minecraft 1.2.5. The pre-release not only makes the mod compatible with the latest Minecraft version, but also adds tons of new stuff and bug fixes, making it a nice upgrade to the already amazing mod.

It doesn't seem to be on the forums yet, but the team did publish it on their Facebook page (there's a link at the bottom of the article). You've probably already scrolled down and clicked the link, but if you haven't, thank you.

The new content included in the update is the following:

- Added a sun altar reward for beating the sun spirit, which gives you control of the sun - Added new sentry boots which prevent zephyrs from pushing you around - Added new animated zephyrs model - Added new aerwhale model - Added blocks for Aether fences and stairs (holystone, mossy holystone, icestone, skyroot, carved, angelic, hellfire) - Added support for extended reach of the valkyrie lance to 10 blocks - Added spawn eggs for Aether mobs - Christmas content is disabled by default

Sound interesting? Download it here:

Download The Aether 1.9 for 1.2.5 now!

Do you like the new update? Are you having any problems? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.