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Explore the Tropical realm - Tropicraft V3

Despite what Ned Stark may tell you, Summer is coming, but your Minecraft world remains the same. That kind of sucks, so modder Cojomax99 fixed it with his mod Tropicraft, which just got updated to V3 with a lot more features, so sit back in your beach chair, drink your pina colada, relax, and you shall be transported into the Tropical realm of the mod filled with tons of new stuff to do.

The first thing you'll notice when you enter the Realm, and get out of the pool you spawn in, are all the new plants. The mod adds tons of brightly colored flowers, new plants and tree types. This makes the landscape very colorful and much more “alive” than the regular world. Terrain generation is very similar to what we used to have in vanilla Minecraft back in beta. It's very vertical - full of mountains hills and other stuff - and beaches are almost always present on the shore. The biomes differ from the vanilla world in a lot of ways. Palm trees are obviously generated and look very nice on beaches, and jungles are also consisted of taller trees and bigger bushes.

Volcanoes also generate, and they are a very interesting gameplay mechanic you'll have to look out for. When there's one nearby, you'll easily spot it. It emits smoke particles that are visible from far away, and it's a big hulking stone mountain, so it's hard to miss. The volcano is full of precious resources, however it is very dangerous once it starts to erupt. Lava starts pouring out of the top and even makes holes on the sides of the volcano trying to escape. Balls of lava come flying out of the volcano and landing on the ground as a full lava block. You do not want to be around once this starts to happen, and you don't want your home in this Tropical realm to be near it either, as the volcanoes often start forest fires which can reach your house.

The mods added by the mod are interesting, but not surprising considering the nature of the mod. The monkeys probably stand out the most. They climb trees, jump around and go about their monkey business, but that's not the interesting part, the interesting part is when they steal all your booze! Monkeys apparently love pina colada and will try to steal it from you whenever they can. Once you give him a couple of them, he'll become friendly. Too many, and the alcohol will hit him too hard which will cause him to try to rip you apart. For those of you that like turtles, worry not, as they are present in the Tropical realm. They just hang around in the water. Killing them will drop you shells which you can use to craft armor, but who could do such a monstrous thing? You'll also find iguanas, all kinds of frog, wacky hostile mobs on vacation (yes, this means creepers in Hawaii shirts), and Easter Island heads roaming around the world.

The mod also has some cool minor features. Corals spawn in the water, and are a good source of dye. They emit light so you can easily spot them at night. There's lots of new furniture types and decoration blocks as well as a weather system similar to Coros' standalone weather mod, that makes the environment look nice and natural. Once you get to the Tropical realm, there's really no reason to go back to the regular realm. You have everything you need and more right there.

I definitely recommend you give this mod a try. It requires ModLoader and MC Forge,  so be sure to download and install that before attempting to install this. You can download the mod here:

Download Tropicraft v3 by Cojomax99 now!

What did you think of the mod? Did you find any feature I missed? As always, be sure to leave your feedback in the comment section below.