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Le Monde - a gigantic custom terrain survival world

I have a soft spot in my heart for custom terrain maps, as they tend to bring out the beauty in Minecraft. Now, mapper Moonti brings us the biggest one I've ever seen - Le Monde - a map 13824 blocks by 16384 blocks large. The gigantic world is filled with beautifully designed terrain. Let's take a look.

Le Monde Village

You spawn in a small village, which is a very decent start - with some surface iron, shelter and nearby crops. It's a very quick-start location that will help you set your foothold in this big world. The village is inhabited by the usual villagers, but has some custom touches like a dock on the nearby river. Around it is the typical “normal” biome which is a plain/forest with a river running through.

Le Monde Terrain

Once you get set up and start to explore, the sheer size of this map will start to hit you and the 1GB download will start to make sense. You'll discover gigantic landmarks, huge mountains, sprawling rivers and valleys that stretch beyond the (16 chunk far) horizon. The map is big, perhaps even too big for some players. Exploring and mapping the entire world on your own is a gargantuan task that many will not feel like taking on.

The map's size does not mean it skimps out on diversity - as can be seen on the map overview, there's about 10 big zones that are very different with diverse terrain formations in each. There's custom trees that make each place stand out and feel unique, and each of the locations are large enough to host tens of players' homes.

Le Monde Survival

The map also sports full survival features - meaning it has caves, ores and strongholds, even the 1.8 stuff like prismarine and water temples - basically most things needed to progress. It does not, however, have any sugarcane or lilypads (this is confirmed by the creator), meaning you'll need to cheat those in, which can be a big inconvenience.

All of these facts bring me to a very subjective conclusion - this map is impressive and gloriously designed with very few flaws, it is however far too large for its own good making it impractical for most solo players, but almost perfect for large servers, if the server can handle the 1GB map size, of course.

Overall, I liked this map and can recommend it to anyone that likes custom terrain, but if beware of its size - you could spend months playing on it and still not see everything it has to offer. I suppose that pairing it with some mods that add additional movement speed options would work well in that case. If you'd like to try the map yourself, you can get it here:

Download the Le Monde map here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the map .zip file and extract the “Lands of Galitor” folder.
  2. Copy the folder into the saves folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  3. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.