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Snapshot News - 14w32d brings armor stands and more!

It's been a while since we've taken a look at a snapshot, so it's time to catch up to 14w32d. Mojang have been adding a bunch of new stuff to the game and the 1.8 update is looking stacked. Seems Mojang really likes that version (Beta 1.8 <3). Let's take a look at the new mobs, blocks, and features  - including banners, bunnies, armor stands and more.

Let's start with the mobs. The new Endermite mob is a small (silverfish size) mob that has a chance to spawn when you use an enderpearl or an enderman teleports. They are weak and do twice the damage of a silverfish (2 hearts).  There's still some leftover Silverfish code, but I reckon the Endermites will get their own behavioural patterns soon.

Next in the mob pen are bunnies! These cute fluffy guys will spawn in lots of biomes and hop around energetically. They are completely peaceful and can be tamed and bred.

Now ignore everything I just said about bunnies because we're gonna talk about the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. This nasty rabbit is no bunny at all, it is a killing machine. It is a hostile type of bunny that has a 1/1000 chance to spawn. To put that into Minecraft terms, have you seen 10 spider jockeys in your time with Minecraft? If you have, imagine that one of those times instead of a slightly harder mob it was a killing machine sent from hell to ruin your day and eat your Hardcore world in one hit (if you don't have armor). Prepare to experience the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog once and then forever fear approaching any rabbit, ever.

Moving on from the stuff of nightmares to nice things - banners! A new block with tons of variations. Banners are crafted easily in one of the basic colors (same as wool and glass), but that's only the beginning. These basic banners can then be combined with items to create patterns and symbols. For example, a creeper head will emblaze a creeper face on the banner. I'm sure that guy will find this a very useful feature. You know, that guy, the one guy that's always trying to form two competing factions on a friendly server so that they can go to war in a massive blaze of glory. He'll love this.

We've also got armor stands. A feature that got a standing ovation (citation needed) on r/minecraft, these useful new decorative blocks allow you to display your armor (or mob heads or pumpkins - anything equippable, really) to your dog and ocelot. Put it in your living room and impress your friends! Put it in your yard and scare away the creepers (not really, but let's pretend)!

Then there are the new door types. It seems like whenever Mojang is out of ideas they add wood variations to one of the many wood-related blocks. Stairs, fences and slabs have fallen before, and now, so have doors. Oak wood makes the good old regular doors while the other wood variations each have a new type of door.

They're nice, but they also serve as a perfect example of the growing disparity in Minecraft's visual direction. You'll notice the clean, straight lines of the regular door are very different from the attempt at realism new ones. They look ridiculously out of place, almost like a mod added them.

Finally, the last two major features are slight visual tweaks. First off, resource pack artists can now add 3D models into the game for blocks. I'm sure this feature will result in a lot of impressive stuff in the future. Second, beacon beams can now be colored. The second Mojang backup plan (aside from wood variations) are colors for a new thing. After wool, glass and planks they tackled the beacon, so colored glass will now change the color of the beam. Prepare for rainbows.

There are many smaller features and improvements that will be coming along with 1.8, but these are the major new changes since our last update. Stay tuned for more information, as well as our usual mod reviews.

You can download the snapshot via the Minecraft launcher (just go to Edit Profile and enable developmental versions).

Like always, feel free to discuss the snapshot and voice any feedback you might have in the comment section below.