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Elemental Creepers

Tired of your boring old creepers? Want to die and have all your precious items lost in new exciting elemental themed ways? If you fit that extremely specific group of people, or just want more mobs, then the Elemental Creepers mod by xSmallDeadGuyx is the droid mod you are looking for. Originally made popular through the YogBox, this mod is now available as a standalone thing and adds a total of 14 new kinds of creepers, all elementally themed (fire, ice, dirt etc.).

We start off with the most obvious of them all, the Fire Creper. This fella sports orange and red colors and explodes in a fiery blaze that sets everything around it, including you, on fire. His counterpart, the Water Creeper is blue and hunts you down so he can blow up in a big pool of water, which will take a while to clean up. There's also the Earth Creeper who is brown but has a grassy top, and this one explodes in a big hunk of dirt. If you're near the blast, you get trapped in a small dirt sphere. Finally the white Ice Creeper is the coolest of them all as his explosion places snow and freezes water into ice (see what I did there?).

The next batch includes the yellow shocking Lightning Creeper whose explosion puts a target for a lightning strike on the head of anything nearby.  The Dark Creeper's explosion destroys anything that emits light nearby, which means he'll just knock out any nearby torches making him a very minor threat. An interesting one is the Light Creeper who explodes in a big hunk of glowstone (similar to the Dirt Creeper's dirt), which is actually quite useful and the best way to farm glowstone once you have this mod installed. The red and pink Magma Creeper only spawns in the Nether and leaves a trail of fire behind him as if he's going 88mph back to the future. He explodes and leaves behind a pool of lava that, although slow spreading, can kill you if you're not careful enough.

Onto the more abstract Creepers, we have the Psychic Creeper that launches entities into the air, the Illusion Creeper that splits into 5 versions of himself, but only one explodes, the Reverse Creeper that flips the blocks in the radius of his explosion, the Ghost Creeper that doesn't blow up blocks, but hurts entities, and finally, the Cookie Creeper that explodes into a storm of cookies, which is hilarious.

  • Protip: When dealing with these Elemental Creepers, as well as regular ones, it's best to intentionally trigger their fuse, and then run away to a safe distance. Running away with them chasing can cause you to get trapped somewhere and get the full-on blast.

But if you counted well, there is one more creeper I didn't mention yet. That's the friendly creeper. This one is pink and is tamable by gunpowder. He will love you forever and follow you around making tiny explosions that hurt enemies but not you or him.

And that would be all the creepers this mod has. I found the mod to be entertaining and not too unbalanced. It's quite hard to memorize all of the creepers, which is why you're welcome to come back and read this again if you encounter one of them in your world once you download this cool mod from here:

Download the Elemental Creepers mod now!

This mod requires ModLoader and ModLoaderMP to work. What did you think of it? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.