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The Wasteland Mod - Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Forget the lush, green worlds Minecrafts vanilla generation offers. Forget beautiful forests, mountains, grass-covered plains and jungles. The Wasteland has no such things.  After an apocalyptic event devastates the world, you are among the last ones left. Try to survive by scavenging what's left of this once glorious world for a new challenge unlike no other in Minecraft.

The Wasteland Mod changes only one thing in Minecraft - the terrain generation - but it changes it drastically. Grass is gone, there is only dirt left in its place, there are no trees and the only shrubs left are withered and dead. Ruins of the world that used to be are scattered around this barren place. Remnants of houses, street lighting, fortresses, libraries and all kinds of buildings can be found among the waste. There are no flowers, seeds, sugar canes or pumpkins. There are no oceans or lakes, just small pockets of water underground. Small, devastated villages are the only organised society left in this place, and they are attacked every night and don't last long.

The sky is dark red, no animals spawn during the day, there are only the evil mobs that spawn during the night. It's a very hostile environment that you don't want to end up in. The mod is fairly atmospheric and adds a serious challenge to the game. There are no new items in the mod itself, but there is an addon for it that adds some new items that do add to the experience, but not significantly.

Tip: When you spawn, start walking. Look for a village. Loot the houses you find along the way. You won't live long without a village to hide in. If night catches you and you don't find it yet, hide in a ruined house.

While the mod is fine to use by itself, the experience isn't complete without some additions. First of all, for a better post-apocalyptic atmosphere, use the Last Days texture pack. It fits in perfectly with the mod, and enhances the experience greatly. Some items are even replaced with other more fitting items (only in picture, the name and properties stay the same) for the setting, which takes getting used to, but is nice once you do. I'd also recommend using the Thirst Mod which adds a new mechanic, like the name suggests, it adds thirst, and while it makes the game much harder, it also makes it a lot more atmospheric.

I suggest you check out this different way of playing Minecraft. You can download the Wasteland Mod itself here:

Download The Wasteland Generator Mod now!

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