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The Better Animation Collection makes mobs wobbly and wiggly

It seems that recently a new trend has emerged among the modding community. Many modders are trying to improve the look of Minecraft with simple, yet effective upgrades to its graphical possibilities. Famous modder KodaichiZero has now joined the trend with The Better Animation Collection mod. This mod alters the models of mobs and adds new animation to make them look more realistic. In most cases this means stuff will wobble or wiggle. From Ghast tentacles to villager noses, NOTHING IS SAFE. Let's take a closer look.

Let's start with tails. As you can see in the image above, ocelots and wolves now have fancy new tails. Ocelots wiggle their tails in waves as they walk and wolves tails are more fluffy and move more. Enemies have also received facelifts as spiders now have knees, which makes them more realistic, and with that, much more terrifying. Zombies try to scare you by moving their arms while attacking. I mentioned noses, and I wasn't kidding. Villagers noses now wiggle and waggle on the wind, as well as the noses of iron golems protecting them. This makes them look even more silly, which I did not think was possible.

Slimes have a fresh coat of paint as well, as their insides move around now (ewww), giving for a very weird, alienish look. Magma cubes dissolve into some kind of ash as well. The good old farm animals are more realistic now. Cows have udders that move, chickens open their beaks and pigs move their snouts. It's all very nice and kind of creepy at times.

You can't add wiggly animations without giving some love to the tentacles (not in a hentai kind of way), and KodaichiZero knows this. Squids tentacles now have cool moving animations, making them more realistic most of the time, except when they're flying over your house on the way to their home planet. Ghast tentacles weren't left out either, they now wiggle and waggle around the Nether waiting for you to come visit so they can blow you to hell… or actually out of hell to be precise.

Interested? There are even more animations, like wiggly Creeper legs and others that aren't part of the default mod but are under extras. You can download the mod, and any extras, here:

Download The Better Animation Collection and/or the extras now!

I like this kind of stuff and will be using this mod from now on, how about you? Do you like the mod? What animations would you like to see? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.