Minecraft Mods

Vanilla + Sprinkles - simple mods built to fit closely with the vanilla game


Sometimes, you don't want to add a huge game mechanic, lots of mobs or an entire new dimension to Minecraft. Sometimes, you just want that little, tiny thing that's bothering you implemented into the core game. Maybe it's that missing type of stairs or fences, maybe you want to easily store all that coal and redstone, or maybe the frickin' precision required to properly place a stair is bothering you. Modder Koopinator, along with having the best avatar on the entirety of the Minecraft forums, has covered all of this in a variety of mods collected into “Vanilla + Sprinkles”. What exactly does it do? Let's find out.

The pack consists of:

  • Fancy Fences
  • Useful Storage
  • Metal Rods
  • Better Blocks & Items
  • Slime 'Spansion (not discussed in this article due to it not being updated yet)
  • Rotation Key (+ Vertical Slabs)

Let's start with Fancy Fences. Like most of these mods, you can probably tell what it does by its name. Fancy Fences therefore improves fences in the game. More precisely, it adds 11 new kinds of fences, or more precisely walls, into the game. From stone, over bricks to sandstone, there's now decoration options for everyone. Even though cobblestone walls got implemented into the vanilla game in the latest snapshot, the mod is still useful since most miners want lots of decoration options.

Moving onto Useful Storage. Now, you may think this mod has something to do with chests, but it doesn't. It makes chests less full of coal and redstone. You know how ores can be crafted into blocks for storage or decoration? You can now do that with coal, charcoal, redstone and wheat. Useful storage indeed. The wheat blocks make for rather nice looking hay bale structures, though they aren't effective at cushioning assassin's falls. In addition to this, you can create a scarecrow to protect your crops by scaring away passive mobs. No more of those darn sheep trampling my farm. Just place a pumpkin on top of two hay blocks, and in iron golem fashion a scarecrow will be born.

Then we have Metal Rods. This one changes some recipes. It adds iron rods, crafted from iron of course, which are used to craft iron bars - the ones in the vanilla game. If rods make bars, then what do ingots make? They make a new block - iron trap doors. It's the iron equivalent to regular trap doors, and acts like an iron door, so it can only be opened by redstone and it's blast proof. In addition to iron rods, gold rods are also craftable and stronger, but can't be used to craft trap doors, but are rather used as stronger handles for tools (picture below makes it clearer), giving them higher durability.

Finally, the last two mods are Better Blocks & Items and Rotation Key. Better Blocks & Items fixes and simplifies some block placement mechanics. The list of these improvements is:

Better Wood

- inner texture of logs fixed to better match bark and planks

Better Stairs

- stairs will automatically form inner and outer corners when placed - collision box will also adjusts automatically to match

- optional mossy stone, sandstone, netherrack, obsidian, snow, stone, and ice stairs can be enabled in the config

Better Fences

- fences will only connect to a block if aligned two or more in a row and perpendicular to it

- wood and nether brick fences will blend by default

- fences will not connect to block corners by default

- fence collision height and connection to soil blocks can be adjusted in config

Other small improvements to item function.

 Rotation Key does exactly what it says, it allows you to rotate the placement of blocks with the CTRL key, and even rotate already placed blocks with it and a right-click. It also adds vertical slabs, a cool decoration option to consider for your prettiest houses. All in all, these mods concentrate on slightly improving Minecraft but not changing anything significant. Some of this stuff is already in the latest snapshot, and I wouldn't be surprised if it all got in eventually, but until then, download these fantastic mods here:

Download all of these mods from the Vanilla + Sprinkles collection here!

There are versions for several APIs, and soon even Forge, and HD texture patches as well. Which of these do you like best? Will you be using them in your game from now on? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.