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The Diamond Pickaxe Awards 2014 - Winners

The results are in! You've voted for your favorite mods, and now take a look at the winners of the fourth annual The Diamond Pickaxe Awards. Check it out…

We begin, as always, with our biggest award - Mod of the Year. And the winner is…

Yes, indeed folks, the winner this year is Optifine! The amazing mod by sp614x that improves Minecraft performance. Optifine has always been a must-have mod, and it seems our readers recognize its importance since they've voted it Mod of the Year! I guess it was the most optimal choice.

Moving on, we've got our Pack of the Year - Sphax' PureBDCraft! It is my personal favorite texture pack, so I'm very glad to see it win with a very nice, round 50% of all votes received. Sphax has kept the vision of his pack pure, so it's no wonder people are enjoying it after all these years.

For Best Mod Focused on Mobs, you picked the immortal Mo' Creatures. One of the biggest and oldest mods out there, Mo' Creatures has become a symbol in the Minecraft modding scene and I'm not surprised to see it win this category by a huge margin. Let's hope we will see even mo' creatures added to the mod in the future.

Best Mod Focused on Terrain saw another clear victory in Biomes O' Plenty, which is another almost essential mod. The amount of diversity it brings to the Minecraft world is staggering and it earns its victory tenfold. There's plenty of biomes in this mod to keep you playing for days…

Next was Best Mod Focused on Aesthetics  which goes to Hats, the creation of one of the biggest modders out there - iChun. Once again people have proved that man's desire for fancy hats exceeds all other desires. There's only a hatful of mods that have as much claim to glory as Hats does.

Then there was Best Mod Focused on New Mechanics, a category dominated by the fan-favorite Thaumcraft. I guess the mod truly is… magical.

This category stands side by side with the previous one, since they both focus on mechanics. Your Best Mod Focused on Overhauls of Existing Mechanics is Smart Moving - the brilliant movement mod that I recommended wholeheartedly. This category also wins the award for Longest Category Name Ever. Moving on…

Best Mod Focused on Dimensions was possibly the most interested category because it ended in a tie! A tie between Twilight Forest and The Aether II! Obviously, it would not be fair to snub one of these fantastic mods for the prize, so they both win! Why rob one of them of this great honor? Both of these mods deserve it, they are both fantastic and my love for them is out of this world.

Finally, we've got the Best Mod Focused on Existing Franchises. In this battle of giants, only one could emerge victorious, and it was Pixelmon. This fantastic mod snuck its way into our hearts and caught them all.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed another annual outing of The Diamond Pickaxe Awards. We'll be back next year, but until then, you can click on the winners' mod names to read more about them and download them yourself. You should also be sure to stay tuned for more mod showcases, news, general coverage, and everything else relevant to your Minecraft modding interests.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.