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The Diamond Pickaxe Awards 2011 - The Winners!

A week ago, the nominees for The Diamond Pickaxe awards in the 5 categories present, and you guys voted on the best of the best. The voting is now over, and it's time to announce the winners! Once again, I will list the categories then announce the winner! There's also a montage to go with the announcement of the Mod of the Year category winner. Let's start.

Best Mod that adds new mobs


And the winner in this category is:

Mo' Creatures took the lead very early on, and did not let up until the very end. It's victory is very much deserved, since it is very well done. You can see the complete statistics here. Let's move on.

Best Mod that alters game mechanics


It was a fierce battle, but one mod emerged victorious, and that is…

The Aether won, followed very closely behind Tales of Kingdoms. If you want to see how close the battle was, click here. Moving on…

 Best Mod that adds randomly generated structures/terrain


People love Minecraft's random generation. They love it even more with stuff added. Let's see which one of these mods won!

This one was even closer, but Millenaire pulled ahead of The Aether by 2 votes! Congratulations! You can see the entire vote statistics here. Let's move onto the fourth category.

Most influential modder


  • Risugami
  • DrZhark
  • Kinniken
  • Kahr
  • Kodiachi (KodaichiZero)

This was a very important category because Minecraft's modding scene would not be the same without any of these fine folks. But the vote was not as close as you might think. Let's see who won!

One might say Risugami made modding possible with his finest work - ModLoader, and the people recognized that as he got over 80% of the votes! He is truly a modding legend in the community. And now for the event of the evening:

Mod of the Year


We took this reward seriously. And so did you. A lot of votes were cast, but only one mod can emerge a winner, a mod for the ages. But a picture wouldn't do this reward announcement justice, so I made a montage. See who won:
Congratulations to The Aether Mod team, you are truly rulers of the modding scene. The Aether mod changed the game. It was so popular it made every modder and texture pack creator race to support it. It changed the landscape of Minecraft modding for good, and is rightfully rewarded. You can check the stats for this vote here.

Did you like these awards? How about the winner montage? Let me know in the comments, I value feedback more than you might think, and try to respond to every question you post.