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Coros Weather and Tornadoes Mod

Did you ever feel that the weather system in vanilla Minecraft is lacking and could be improved? Do you think there shouldn't just be rain, sun and snow, but shades of grey in between? Modder Corosus seems to think so, and he tries to improve it with his Weather & Tornadoes mod. The mod does exactly what the name says - it adds more weather types (including wind) and tornadoes to the game, and it is awesome. Let's take a look.

The first thing you will notice when you play with this mod for the first time is wind. The mod adds wind with various  speeds and types throughout biomes. The weak winds won't do much. They will have a slight leaf particle effect in most biomes and maybe some snow in snowy biomes. It can't do much but alter your route a little when falling. When the wind gets stronger, the particle effect gets more noticeable, and it even slightly alters your movement - if you move upwind, you move slower, and if you move downwind you're a bit faster. As the wind grows strong the sky is a bit more dark and rain could start falling in some biomes, with snowstorms in cold biomes. At this state, the weather can turn into a storm (and it always did during my time with the mod) with thunder all around and tornadoes starting to form. During this phase it's best you stay inside because those tornadoes are nasty.

A small snowy breeze.

Tornadoes only occur naturally at the peak of a storm, but you can create them with the tornado gun item. They are extremely destructive. These are not your regular old weak winds, this thing picks up blocks and throws them around. The sky gets dark and the tornado particle effect takes up most of the biome it's in. Blocks are blown away and placed to other places, leaving a destroyed landscape behind. If you're close enough, the tornado can suck you in. All movement is altered by the sheer force of this thing. It's truly amazing. It's possible to craft a tornado sensor and siren to warn you when a tornado is coming so you can hide. Or take it head on.

Take a look at that beast! It scares me.

While the weather is cool, and the tornadoes totally wicked, this isn't a mod I would recommend you use all the time unless you want a challenge. The tornadoes are highly destructive, making it hard to achieve that “perfect house in a perfect landscape” feel we all know and love, and the winds effect on movement is almost always present and can be annoying at times. But if you can deal with that, you'll have a blast with this mod installed.

You can download it here:


Do you like the mod? What other weather effect would you like to see mods add? Leave all your comments and feedback in the comment section below.