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Kodaichi's Fairy Mod blows your mind with pink

Kodaichi, the creator of popular mods like Charlotte, Battle Towers, Chiken Gliding, and more recently Clay Soldiers, has recently come out with another amazing mod - Kodaichi's Fairy Mod and once again it's AI will blow your mind. The mod adds all kinds of fairies that group up into factions with a Queen as their leader. It's sort of an upgrade of Kodaichi's old fairy mod, except with upgraded mechanics and systems. It also supports multiplayer. First, let's take a look at fairy classes.

Yup, it's not as simple as you might have thought. Fairies have various classes that differ in abilities as well as looks. First we have the normal fairies. They fly around their queen, mostly doing nothing and look completely normal (well, for fairies - they do have brightly colored hair and crowns), they don't hit hard and can't take a lot of damage, and even run away when hit, but they are many in numbers and will easily overrun you if you're not  careful. Secondly we have guards they are armored fairies ready to fight. They aren't easy to beat and deal a considerable amount of damage, and can be quite a problem. They protect the queen - the leader of a fairy faction. She carries a sword around and all the other fairies follow her command. She keeps a fairy faction together, so when she dies, the faction is broken (I'll get to that in a moment). Lastly we have the medics - these fairies can spawn healing splash potions, and they use this amazing ability of theirs often. They go around healing other fairies in the same faction in need of help, and if you recruit her she will heal you too. She isn't very tough, but with her help the other fairies can become tough.

Now I mentioned breaking factions and recruiting fairies, and indeed you can build up your fairy army. Here's how:

  1. Find a fairy faction - in order to recruit a fairy you will need to find a group of them. They spawn in flat areas, and aren't very common. Your best bet to find one isn't to explore like one might think, but find a viable area and wait for them to spawn.
  2. Once you've found a faction you need to break it up by killing the queen. Killing the queen won't be easy, since once you hit her all the fairies in that faction will rush to defend her. Don't kill them though, you will need to recruit them later! I found that the best way to do this is hitting the queen then doing a lap around while fairies follow you to come back for another hit at the queen. A head on assault will just get you swamped with fairies, and once they start using their special ability to pick you up high into the air and drop you, you're as good as dead. Once the queen is dead proceed to the next stage.
  3. Now that the queen is dead, the fairy faction will be sad and cry. You will need to leave them alone, leave their general area (shouldn't be hard since they will now be running away when they see you) for a minute then come back. If they're not crying anymore, it's recruiting time! 
  4. Recruiting fairies is fairly easy (heh), just take some food and right click them (here is a list of viable food items) with it. The fairy will now take you as her new leader, and follow you around and fight for you. A medic fairy will also heal you. Make sure you recruited all the fairies in the once broken area, don't leave any behind, it would be a waste after that big fight.

You now have your own fairy faction. You can right click one of your fairies to put her on your head. There, she won't take any damage, and you can jump higher and glide instead of falling - negating fall damage. All your fairies will have unique names and are marked with @ signs so you know which ones are yours. So what's next?  Well if you're playing this in multiplayer you can have big fairy army fights with other players, or you could go on tour to conquer the whole of Minecraftia with your faithful army. Like with Clay Soldiers, the possibilities are endless, and more updates are coming soon!

For a full list of features and a download of the mod head on over to it's official topic:


Hopefully now the link is easier to find, I have been getting complaints in the comments that it's hard to find.
Also keep in mind that the fairy mod requires ModLoader, AudioMod and ModLoaderMP, but doesn't overwrite any core classes itself. As always leave all your feedback and commentary in the comment section below.