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Jeb adding trading with villagers!

Twitter seems to have become the official channel for Mojang to tease new stuff, and in that fashion, Jeb tweeted a picture of something very interesting: trading with villagers. This is a feature that fans have been requesting for a long time, and it's good to see it's finally coming. Jeb said on Twitter:

This is how I perform experiments on Testificates://i.imgur.com/bIThE.png… and this is why I'm playing with Testificates: //i.imgur.com/Z113y.png  (work in progress, as usual)
I decided to restore @notch's old Golden Apple and give it an effect proper for its crafting cost

 Instead of just focusing on the trading system, let's analyze every piece of info we've got, starting with the first image.

At first glance, the villager we see at the bottom of the picture looks new, however I compared it to the blacksmith skin and it seems to fit. I can't tell for sure if we're getting new “trader villagers” or are we just going to be able to trade with existing ones, perhaps blacksmiths. The second weird thing you'll notice is at the top of the picture and it is that gravel (well, at least most people think that's gravel) has a new texture that looks more wavy instead  of the noisy gravel we're used to. Lastly, the village in a jungle seems a bit odd. It is unclear whether or not this a bug, but it sure looks cool on this picture.

Moving onto the big stuff, the second picture.

Ok, so quite a few things to take note of here. First of all, the coins look like condoms. There, I ruined it for you just like mister Zmetz6 ruined it for me. All jokes aside, the interface looks simple enough, it looks like you can put items in the bottom row and trade them for the coins, and then trade the coins for gear in the upper row. The arrows buttons are probably to switch between items you want to buy. The currency is an item, so it's possible that in SMP it will be used as currency between players, which would be neat. And that's the trading in a nutshell. But wait, there's more. A trained eye in the Minecraft community spotted something rather odd in the upper right corner of the image. It looks like an ore with differently shaped red minerals in it. Once again, it's not clear if this will be a new ore or just a new texture for redstone.

Finally, the last tweet suggests a new golden apple is in the works, and Jeb has confirmed this will be a new item, independent from the nugget composed golden apple we know. He also said it's effects will remain a secret until launch of the patch, when it will be uncovered as info on the Minecraft wiki approximately 23 seconds before the patch even goes live properly. He didn't say that last part, but that's how it went down previously.

Does this new system look good to you, or would you rather see something more complicated? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.