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The Farlanders Mod - a different approach to NPC villages

It's village week.  This week I take a look at 3 different approaches to improving Minecraft villages. First up: The Farlanders Mod.

Villages and the villagers that spawn withing them have been an important aspect of Minecraft since they were added in. However, there's not a lot of variety among them. You have a couple of building types and some differently dressed villagers, but that's it. No vastly different kind of village is hiding somewhere beyond the horizon, like it could with a mod like Millenaire. Modder Fabiulu looks to change this with his Farlanders mod, which adds a whole set of village buildings and villagers themed after the End and Endermen. Let's take a closer look.

The Farlander villages are nothing like the testificate villages you're used to. They're smaller, creepier and look way more epic and monumental due to obsidian and end stone being used in their creation. From tall obsidian towers like the ones you can see in the End pierce the sky and look very monumental. You can spot them from afar. End stone houses of various sizes make up the bulk of the villages and they look pretty cool, especially at night.

The villagers themselves are as creepy as creepy can get in Minecraft. Styled after the Endermen, the main villager mobs, the farlanders are shorter and have randomly colored particles, but otherwise look exactly like the enderman we miners love to hate. They're not as creepy as the Ender Colossus Golems though, which are giant, endermen with horns on their heads and randomly colored eyes. They are the creepiest thing in this mod, they are the kind of thing that makes you jump out of your chair when it walks around the corner. Finally, we have the elder farlanders, elders of this make-shift tribe that walk slowly, have better but more expensive trades, have beards and sticks and look pretty wise. Well, for a farlander at least.

But wait, there's more! The mod doesn't stop there and also adds a hostile classic enderman mob. This enemy is the same one you could have encountered if you played Beta 1.7.3 when endermen were introduced but before they were nerfed. It has green eyes compared to the modern enderman's purple, it emits smoke and it's stare is more dangerous because it hinders the players sight. He can also pick up most blocks that regular enderman cannot, like ores. There's even more! The mod also adds a new ore, the ruby, which is the same as an emerald except it's red and used to trading with farlanders instead of regular villagers. This way the trading isn't unified with one currency but there are 2, one for each type of village.

With all those cool, but simple additions this mod is definitely one to get. It uses Forge OR ModLoader and is compatible with any other mod that uses it too. Get it here:

Download the Farlanders mod from the Minecraft forums now!

As always, let us know how you liked the mod in the comment section below, and get ready for Millenaire and Minecraft Comes Alive showcases in the coming day!