Minecraft Mods

The Yogbox - an easy to install modpack

A lot of people don't fancy messing around with the minecraft.jar, mods folder and class incompatibilities. People that know how to do it well still avoid it because it's so dull. While youwait for Jeb to crank out that Mod API, mod packs are a good way of getting all the mod fun without the hassle of installing all the mods. The Yogbox is certainly the most popular mod pack, mostly due to it being co-developed and promoted by the popular Yogscast.
It's a very big package. It includes various giant mods like Mo' Creatures and Millenaire and small tweaks that make the game better. Your worlds will have more mobs, random generated buildings, new features, and maps. Covering all the content in it would be hard, and I'm not doing it here (Do you want me to?), but let's just say it's a very round and complete package. It makes your world much more “alive” and enchances the Minecraft experience in many ways.  Installation is quick and painless, in a couple of steps you select your mods, install it and run the game.

2 texture packs are included, the Painterly pack and SMP's revival pack which fully support the package, but are both unfortunately not HD. Another problem I have with the YogBox is that with all the mods installed, the user interface can get a bit crowded, as you can see in the pictures.

The YogBox includes the Mo' Creatures mod, which I covered in full here.

Running that many mods however can cause performance issues, which is why the creators made it compatible with Optifine, but haven't included it in the package, which is a real shame since the whole purpose of the pack is to make things easier for the end-user.

Nevertheless, the YogBox is a great easy to use package which will satisfy most people's mod cravings. You can download it here.

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