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Glimmar's Steampunk Texture Pack V7 (32x 64x)

Most Minecraft texture packs are inspired by 3 main styles: medieval, realistic and cartoony. Glimmar's Steampunk Pack is something new. Like the name suggests, this pack has the popular steampunk aesthetic, which is basically a mix of industrial revolution type steam machinery and futuristic technology, but it has its own special features. With lots of animated textures, a very unique color palette and an overall fantastic look, this texture pack is one of the best you can find, and is worth checking out. Read on for more information…

The terrain is very dark in this pack. Everything looks a bit bleak because of that, but the textures are clean. The terrain doesn't look fantastic, but there's a good reason for that. Unlike most packs where the main focus is on terrain and sometimes buildings don't turn out so great, this pack really focuses on large builds, mostly cities, so the terrain textures are dictated by that and therefore a bit dark and not very detailed in order to stay clean. Like Inspiration, a pack I covered previously, this pack takes advantage of the Better Skies feature in MCPatcher, and because of that has the best looking night sky I have ever seen in a pack.

This pack focuses on making buildings have that steampunk look, so a lot of blocks have an industrial style to them, and some are changed so that they don't look at all like the block they represent (pumpkins). A lot of blocks that aren't just for building have awesome animations, like the craft bench, jukebox and naturally, the enchantment table. While the exterior of buildings is where the pack truly shines, the interior isn't too shabby either. Everything looks nice, though the textures can make small spaces look even smaller and even claustrophobic.

Items are fantastic. The mod takes pride in its steampunk essence and never hides is, so the items are very stylish and unique. Once again there's lots of animation and detail here, which is admirable in a pack. Mobs are also completely fitted to the pack, and don't even try to keep the old look. All of them are made of scrap metal, and some even have completely shapes due to transparency in textures. You'll see tiny creepers and flying metal zombie torsos often. You haven't seen any of the stuff in this texture pack before. Everything has its own unique twist, which is what makes the pack so great and sets it apart from everything else out there.

But, why just read text and look at pictures when you can see the pack in action, in-game? Here's a video showcasing how good this pack looks:

You should check this pack out. It may not be great for everyday use due to being so different than default Minecraft, but it's great to show off and enjoy industrial-looking builds.  To download the pack and try it for yourself, head here:

Download Glimmar's Steampunk Texture Pack right now!

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