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Witherstorm - An epic boss battle map with gliding

Fight the Witherstorm in one of the most epic boss fights you'll experience! Modder McMakistein has created a map that uses command blocks and new 1.9 features to deliver an exhilarating fight. Let's check it out…

When you load the map, you spawn in a lobby of sorts where the creator advertises his various social channels and you can prepare yourself for the upcoming fight. When you're ready, you just jump into the Witherstorm's mouth and the map will teleport you to the starting location with a diamond sword and an enchanted bow with arrows. Thus begins your fight.

If you're intrigued already and would like to just experience the map yourself, scroll on down to the bottom for the link. Otherwise, keep reading for a short overview of what to expect.

The fight is spread out across three phases. The first one begins right away, as the Witherstorm will shoot explosives at you, spawn tiny witherheads to attack you, and sometimes telekinetically levitate you up and dropping you to inflict damage.

During the fight you are accompanied by Jesse, who will allow you to progress through the phases and needs to be protected. During this first phase, he will sometimes start to get sucked in by the Witherstorm's ray, and you have to shoot an arrow into its mouth to stop it. The rest of the phase is basically spent trying to survive with as much health as possible until Jesse builds his device.

Once he's done, he will inform you in chat and you'll gain the ability to glide. Updrafts will also appear on the ground, and your goal will be to fly up and then glide in orbit around the Witherstorm, taking down the floating rocks by right-clicking with the diamond sword when close to them. They will drop wither fragments. Once you get five of those, drop them on the ground with your diamond sword to turn it into a wither sword. Then, the final phase will begin.

In the final phase, you launch a TNT minecart made by Jesse into the Witherstorm, weakening it and giving you 15 second to glide into its center and destroy the command block within using your diamond sword. If you succeed, you will have won! For a more detailed breakdown, check out the creator's own video showcasing the fight:

Overall, I highly enjoyed this boss fight, even if it was a bit short. It's a great experience and it's a nice test ride for 1.9s flagship feature - gliding. If you'd like to play yourself, you can get the map here:

Download the Witherstorm Boss Battle map here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Enable experimental version under your profile in the Minecraft launcher.
  2. Install the snapshot 15w51b.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and put the folder “Witherstorm Boss Battle” into the maps folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  4. Find the map in your singleplayer worlds and run it.
  5. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.