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The Diamond Pickaxe Awards 2011!


It's that time of the year when every site is having their annual gaming awards. There are a lot of them for all kinds of games, and now your humble Minecraft Mods blog is having them too! Dubbed “The Diamond Pickaxe Awards” they are the user voted awards on all mods for Minecraft!

I've tried to make it as easy as possible to vote, you just have to pick a winner and press vote, no registration needed, thanks to PollCode. I will list categories and nominees and then insert the link on which you vote for the winner (I was going to embed the poll, but WordPress is being stubborn, sorry guys. :S). On the 29th of December at Noon (12AM) GMT I will close the voting. The winners will be announced in a special blog post and video on the 31st, the last day of the year.

Without further stalling, let's get to the contenders!

Best Mod that adds new mobs?

The first category are mods that add new mobs to the game. A lot of these mods have been popping out throughout the year, but which one stood out the most, and will get the diamond pickaxe?


All of these mods are excel in quality and fun. Which one gets your vote? Vote here!

Best Mod that alters game mechanics?

The mods that are usually the biggest alter Minecraft's mechanics or add new ones. They change Minecraft to even more suit your wishes.


So which one of these game altering mods will prevail? Vote here!

 Best Mod that adds randomly generated structures/terrain?

A lot of mods add randomly generated stuff true to the Minecraft feel, but these stand out as best of the best!


Which one of these mods tickles your fancy the most? Vote here!

And now we're onto the two most important categories: Most influential modder and Mod of the Year, mind your votes now!

Most influential modder

The modders that made modding what it is. Which one of these amazing people gets your vote?


  • Risugami

The creator of ModLoader, AudioMod and many other fantastic mod, he is one of the most important people in SSP modding. He made all the other mods possible.

  • DrZhark

The creator of Mo' Creatures, one of the biggest and most popular mods for Minecraft. His mod is well known in the entire Minecraft community, not just the modding scene.

  • Kinniken

The creator of Millenaire, he basically pioneered the entire genre of mods by being to first to make a truly functional random generating village mod.

  • Kahr

The creator of McPatcher, the most commonly used tool to enable HD texture packs. While he may not influence mods, he made half of the texture pack scene possible, with his mod, and deserves the honor as much as any other modder.

  • Kodiachi (KodaichiZero)

Creator of Clay Soldiers and a whole bunch of mod mobs, one of the coders on The Aether, the inventor of all things cute in Minecraft.

Which one of these amazing people was the most influential throughout the year? Vote here!

And finally the main event,

Mod of the Year?!?!?!

All of these mods redefined how we play Minecraft. They are adored by the entire Modding community, but only one can prevail, and you choose which one!


We waited a long time for this mod to come out, and are still waiting for the 1.0 update, but boy was it worth the wait. This mod rocked our worlds, an entire new fully featured dimension to explore with materials and new goals that made it stand out.

While it's name is arguably the most misleading title ever, the content is hard to argue with. This mod is the holy grail of all redstone enthusiasts as it adds tons of mechanical stuff your inner redstone artist will appreciate.

Mo' Creatures pioneered the mob adding mod genre, and still has the arguably best library of mobs it adds. It's recognized instantly by anyone even remotely involved with the Minecraft community.

Millenaire is one of those mods that kind of got implemented into the game. It's idea - randomly generated villages is now in vanilla Minecraft, but is unfinished and not nearly as feature filled as the incredible Millenaire mod.

While it may not be as popular as it's contenders, MAtmos is a perfectly made mod in my humble opinion. It takes a feature of Minecraft, the sound, and makes it so much better the vanilla sound can't possible compare, and all that without overwriting any classes. Classy.

Vote for the Mod of the year here!

That's it. Be sure to get your votes in before the 29th of December at 12AM GMT when I will close the polls and start working on the announcement video which will be published in an article on the 31st of December, the last day of this year! Any and all comments and discussions are welcome below in the mods section.

Happy Holidays!