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The zombies are coming for you - Minecraft 1.2 news

Over the last two weeks, and therefore the last two snapshots there have been a lot of new features and cool stuff added to Minecraft, and you should be looking forward to the upcoming 1.2 update because of them. Here's why.

In the 12w06a snapshot many bugs were fixed, including the rather infamous double door glitch we've been asking Jeb to fix for so long. Jon took the challenge up, and now doors that you place will not refuse cooperation and will work as intended.

Jon also worked on the AI again, and updated the villagers to act more like intelligent beings now. They will find houses and live in them, run in when it rains or there are enemies around, and even socialize (by staring and nodding) with each other including the possibility to have children. Zombies have been made a lot more dangerous as they can now kick down wooden doors. This will definitely make your miner life harder, especially early on in a world when you still can't afford an iron door. A good solution are fence gates in front of, or instead of doors. Zombies can't destroy them, so you will be safe behind them. All mobs also began dropping rare items (armors and weapons).

And then the big 12w07b snapshot hit, and boy did it change things. Remember back a couple of weeks ago when Jeb announced he will be raising world height? Well he did it now with the new “Anvil” map format. It's not new for Minecraft's map format to be changed, as back in beta they switched to McRegion for better performance, but it's usually considered unpleasant by players. Do not fear though, as Minecraft will convert all your maps to the new format, and keep a copy just in case.

The most stand out feature of Anvil is the increased build height. Like he said, Jeb did not change terrain generation, but just raised the “roof of the world”  to 256 (it was 128) so you can build higher up. It also enables a lot more (4096, was 256) item ID's, a feature that will help modders make each others mods compatible. The new format also embeds biome info into chunk data, meaning giant builds are going to become much easier now.

The latter snapshot also added a redstone controlled light source (FINALLY!) and made zombies assault villages at night (they attack houses too). You can download the latest snapshot from here:


In other news, Mojang are making another game, this time for charity and LIVE. STREAM.-ing it right now throughout the whole weekend, with the ability to prepurchase the game now on //www.humblebundle.com/. If you

Overall, while the cool level of mobs has definitely risen, and you can build higher than ever, the danger is ever growing in the Minecraft world. What are your thoughts on the new update? Are you impatiently awaiting it's release, or dreading it in fear of the zombies? Let us know in the comments below.

Cheers to Reddit user Lord-Imperious for the featured image showcasing the world height.