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Aether II Alpha coming out March 25th or sooner!

Big news announced from  The Aether team: the update of the original Aether mod that they have been working on for the past few months has now become an alpha version of Aether II. We've seen a lot of cool new content put into it, so it makes sense that it became a full sequel instead of just an update.  This alpha version of The Aether II mod will come out on the 25th of March (a month from now) or sooner if they manage to get it done by then. A video has also been released showcasing the work done so far. Read on for details…

The Aether II Alpha will include all the content previously announced for Aether 1.4 update via several sneak peeks. This includes the accessory system, mounting system and more. This latest iteration of the mod seems to include a lot of new features, as shown in the video below:

Some new mobs can be seen like a new plant-like creature that drops rainbow strawberries, a reworked land based Zephyr that is smaller and easier to kill since it merely floats instead of flying, keeping it anchored near the ground and less of a huge pain in the behind. A night-time hostile, smaller Zephyr mob was also seen that has a fire attack and is very dangerous.

A new dungeon type was shown with new blocks, new monsters that caused a trippy screen effect on attack and made very, very scary noises. It seemed like dungeons are about to get a bigger horror push with these new features.

That's the important new additions, but the entire video contains a lot more stuff, and it's an hour long, so true Aether fans should watch it. If this pre-Alpha look at the mod is anything to go by, we have a lot to look forward to. We try to bring you as much Aether coverage as possible, as soon as possible, but if you need it all right now, you can visit The Aether's Facebook page where most of the news we talk about is from.

I leave you with the full statement from the team released regarding Aether II:

As of now, the team and I have decided that we will release the Alpha version of Aether II on the 25th of MARCH,

With PERFECT Multiplayer and also for the latest version of Minecraft!

This gives us time to fix bugs, add a party system for Multiplayer, and many other small things. If we manage to finish it before the 25th, we will release it early. But this gives us a nice window of time to work in.

Thank you for your patience!

We will bring you more news as it happens, and of course a lengthy look at the alpha once it is released. As always, be sure to leave any feedback and discuss these news in the comment section below.