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Mutant Creatures - Boss Versions of regular Mobs!


The standard ensemble of Minecraft mobs is instantly recognizable and a common sight when playing the game, but have you ever wondered what those same mobs would be like if they were buffed up, far more powerful versions? Wonder no more as modder thehippomaster21 brings us Mutant Creatures - a mod that does just that.

The mod adds 4 important mobs to the game which are coincidentally mutant versions of Minecraft's mobs. They all drop a very cool unique item when killed, but I won't spoil what these items do in the article.  These mutants were created when mixed with Chemical X, which you can craft using some obsidian and a vial of water. They do spawn naturally, of course, but are rare. We'll go over all of them separately. They are:

  • Mutant Zombie
  • Mutant Enderman
  • Mutant Creeper
  • Mutant Snow Golem

The Mutant Zombie looks a lot like the Hulk. The raging green monster actually acts a lot like it's look alike as well. It'll slam the ground causing a devastating shockwave to hit anything in front, he'll roar so fiercely it'll do damage to anyone around to hear it and even awake nearby zombies who will start to claw out of their graves. It can throw you into the air and slam you down for extreme damage.

It's got 75 hearts making it very hard to kill. After dies and falls down you have to burn it or it will recover up to 3 times! It is best to face this beast at night as it will spawn less zombies then and won't heal a heart every 5 seconds.

The Mutant Enderman is the stuff of nightmares. It's taller than a regular enderman and it's limbs are longer. Once engaged, it will actually have 4 hands which he can use to hit you, pick up and throw blocks at you or even teleport you into the air for fall damage. Like a regular enderman it will teleport, but when the Mutant Enderman teleports the trail it leaves behind deals damage. It can scream, causing damage and dangerous effects to anything nearby. It can even clone itself, with the clones dealing a small amount of damage. To stop the cloning you'll have to hit the actual mutant enderman, which can be recognized by height (he's a bit taller than clones).

It has a 100 hearts. Attacking it in the rain can be useful since the Mutant Enderman will still take damage, but it will increase it's tendency to scream for devastating effects that could kill you in mere seconds. The scream even stops the rain. Once it dies it will explode into fragments that also explode.

Moving onto the nope of all nopes, the Mutant Creeper. This fella is as creepy as creepy gets, and fighting it isn't a ride in the park either. It will swing it's head at you and use it's long legs to jump really high into the air and land with a big boom. The Mutant Creeper can even summon minion creepers that are little, but still dynamite. It has 60 hearts.

During the fight, it'll sometimes stop to charge up a blast. This is indicated by five classic creeper flashes and unless you break it before the final one the creeper will heal itself. There's a twist to that. Sometimes the charging is actually a trap, and it will summon lightning once you get close enough, making it even stronger. Yowza.

As a change of pace, our final mutant is a lot more friendly. The Mutant Snow Golem is your friendly neighborhood snow golem that when YOU infused it with Chemical X (meaning it doesn't spawn in the wild). It will freeze everything beneath it's feet and attack any enemies by throwing ice blocks at them. You can even heal him by throwing snowballs at him! I hear his eyes are as beautiful as a deep ocean that is on fire. You know, because his head is a jack o' lantern.

I highly recommend you check this mod out. Fighting these mutants is insanely fun and tense and the item rewards are really, really REALLY cool. That's all I have for you today… except for this little sneak peek of the next mutant creature to be added into the fold. A familiar face as you might imagine. It'll probably be in the next version:

Ok now that's really everything I have to say about this mod. All that's left is to give you the download link, I guess.

Download the Mutant Creatures mod here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Open minecraft.jar and delete the META-INF folder.
  2. Install the Forge API.
  3. Run Minecraft at least once.
  4. Put the downloaded zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  5. Play!

Mods-For-Minecraft does not assume any liability for bed wetting caused by Mutant Creeper nightmares. As always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed:  Version 1.3.4  for Minecraft 1.5.2.