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Spider Queen Reborn - cross over to the other side


Steve the Miner is so 2009. It's time for something newer. It's time for something totally 2011. Modder WildBamaBoy, mostly known for his Minecraft Comes Alive mod, has resurrected the famous Spider Queen mod in Spider Queen Reborn! Let's take a look…

Becoming the Spider Queen

Spider Queen Reborn puts you into the shoes of a vicious spider queen (or king, you are able to switch skins with a special new item called the Skin Switcher), with a goal to rule the world. Though you can do most things Steve can do, like craft and build, the spider queen is a bit more mobile and creative. The first big concept to grasp is the web - a new item crafted by placing 3 strings in whichever shape you like in the crafting grid. You should have plenty of string, since you create it over time (it'll just pop up in your inventory), and you get more for doing pretty much anything spider queen-related.

The first thing you can do with the web is shoot it at blocks. Shoot a block once, and you'll create a thin layer of spiderweb, which will allow you to climb up vertical slopes. Shoot the same block once more, and you'll create the spiderweb block you know all too well from mineshafts and caves. The first thing to build is the spider bed. You're a spider queen, mortal beds are no good for you! Besides, spiders are nocturnal creatures, so you need to sleep through the day and hunt in the night, not vice-versa. The spider bed is built by placing a 5×5 frame of logs, and then filling it with full spiderweb blocks (blocks - so shoot web twice). Once you have your bed, you can sleep through the day and wake up rested and ready to hunt.

Raising your Spider Queen army

The next step is creating your spiderling army - after all, what's a queen without her subjects? This is the second main purpose of the web, as you can use it to cocoon weakened creatures. You can pretty much cocoon any creature - just shoot a web at it to cocoon it, but try to weaken it first to make sure the web sticks (kinda like Pokem-err-Pixelmon). Right click on a cocooned foe to eat them, turning them into creepy little cocooned husks.

Sometimes, upon cocooning and eating an enemy, a spider egg will drop, and herein lies the path to your army. Placing a spider egg will cause it to hatch after a period of time (like, an in-game day or so). Upon hatching, the spiderling will try to consume the nearest cocooned enemy, which will affect its abilities, so try to put your eggs down near cocoons. If there are no cocoons nearby, the spiderling will hatch weak and tiny. If it feeds off a passive creature like a pig or a cow, it will just be a regular spider, however, if it feeds off of a mob like a creeper or a skeleton, it will get special powers, according to this neat chart by the mod's creator:

  • Creeper -> Boom Spider -> Attacks enemies in a radius with explosions.
  • Enderman -> Ender Spider -> Spawns Enderminions to a fight. Does not fight.
  • Blaze -> Inferno Spider -> Produces flame webbing. Surrounded by flames when you are able to gather some. Right-click to gather.
  • Horse -> Rider Spiders -> You can ride these spiders. They carry you up walls without webbing. Speed increases with level.
  • Skeleton -> Slinger Spiders -> Webs up creatures that you attack.
  • Villager -> Pack Spider -> Has a small inventory that you can use.
  • Wolf -> Nova Spider -> Runs extremely fast and distracts targets.
  • Zombie -> Tank Spider -> Moves slowly, but has a lot of health.

In addition to these special abilities, spiderlings will also get stronger over time as they fight and level up.

Factions and reputation

You might have noticed that mobs that would otherwise attack you as Steve, do not attack you as the spider queen. This is due to the reputation system - which tracks your alignment with factions of creatures in the world. Killing a certain type of creature will reduce your reputation with them, but avoid killing their kind for a day, and your reputation will rise. You can also give factions appropriate gifts to raise your reputation. This usually includes giving the appropriate item to the appropriate faction - for example, give a zombie a brain, and your reputation with the zombie faction will rise.

Get your reputation up to 3, and the faction will send you an ally to fight with you. Get it down to -5, and they will declare outright war on you, making all members of the faction attack you on sight. You can check your current reputation with all the factions in the mod by using the command /sq.checkrep.

The factions currently in the mod are:

  • Creepers
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
  • Other Queens
  • Humans
  • Endermen
  • Evil Queen

The Evil Queen bit might require an extra bit of explanation - killing regular spiders is blasphemy, after all, they are your kin, therefore it will reduce your reputation with the Evil Queen, and you can't increase that reputation in any way. Get it too low, and she will come at night and attack you. She acts as kind of the big boss of the mod.

The Human faction might garner some explanation as well - humans act as kind of the default enemies in the mod  since your reputation with them starts at -1 and killing them gives you useful items that you can gift other factions to raise your reputation with them (like the aforementioned brains for zombie faction reputation gain). However, these aren't your boring old humans. The humans in this mod are real players - not controlled by real people, but with their skins, armor, and name, making the hunt a bit more interesting.

That's it for this mod. It's a really interesting twist on regular Minecraft gameplay, and makes for a unique playthrough that you should definitely check out. You can get it here:

Download the Spider Queen Reborn mod here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the Forge API.
  2. Run Minecraft at least once.
  3. Put the .jar file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  4. For any additional info, head to our big Mod Installation Guide.
  5. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v1.2.2 on Minecraft 1.7.10.