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The Camping Mod - A night out

For a survival game to have a camping system simply makes sense. Unfortunately, Minecraft does not have one which means you are forced to dig yourself into a dirt hole and wait the night out if you're away from your house or just starting out. Luckily, modder Rikmuld fixed that with his Camping Mod. Let's take a look…

The main focus of this mod is obviously the actual camping itself. Building a campsite is fairly straightforward. You can build a campfire to cook and emit light and a tent and sleeping bag to sleep in. The recipes are fairly straightforward and don't require a lot of fancy resources. The Camping Mod also provides lanterns, though I'm not sure what their advantage over torches seems to be.The 3D models for all of these items are wonderful and fit well within the vanilla game style.

Next, the mod adds a few things to expanding on the camping aspect with a hunting system of sorts. It's not anything robust, but the mod does add bears, deer and rabbits of varying sizes, which you can hunt and craft traps to catch. You can craft armor from the furs or cook the meat on your camping fire, so it ties in nicely.

Aside from those two main systems, the mod also adds a few nice touches like craftable and cookable marshmallows. Overall, the mod adds a simple system that works well and is quite polished - there are even particles for the fire that change color if you put a dye in! I recommend it if you like the survival aspect of Minecraft and like exploring new places without the hassle of going home every night.

You can get the Camping Mod yourself here:

Download the Camping Mod here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the Forge API.
  2. Run Minecraft at least once.
  3. Put the .jar file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  4. For any additional info, head to our big Mod Installation Guide.
  5. Ready to go! Enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this short look at a fun mod! Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v2.1c for Minecraft 1.7.10