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The Lightning Fast Smart Moving Mod

Minecraft's blocky world is very big and full of adventure. Sometime in this adventure, you get really angry because you have to climb a mountain and you leave an ugly cobble path behind despite Steve (the Minecraft player - you) being more than tall enough to grab that second block up and pull up. Well, modder Divisor has got you covered with the Smart Moving mod. This mod is a festival of cool animation and movement options that add a lot to Minecraft, and make vanilla look slow and clunky.

A video showing off all the amazing features of the mod.

First up this mod gives a significant amount of climbing options to you using a new key binding - the grab (the left CTRL button by default). Pressing it while falling will make Steve catch onto the block next to you at head height (if there is one) and keep holding it. Steve can move along the ledge or even pull yourself up. Ladders are also much more thought out with this mod, making you climb them faster if there are more, and giving a new animation to climbing ladders (very much needed in vanilla).

At your disposal is also holding to block above and moving across holes that way (very useful for caves and ravines). But you won't just be climbing with this mod. Sometimes it's time to hit the dirt. You can lie down and fit through one block tall holes, or just crawl around if that's your thing. Swimming and flying have new animations, which look fantastic, and work really well.

Starting to sprint and then pressing the sneak and grab keys at the same time makes Steve slide on the ground (you can see this in the featured image). Falling from big heights has two animations, either frantically waving around (if you fell) or diving (if you jumped into water). You can also head jump by pressing the grab and jump keys while sprinting. All of them look absolutely fantastic, just like the rest of this mod.

The modder also tweaked sprinting so it's much faster and has a special bar showing you how much longer you can sprint. While sprinting you can double tap a directional button to sidestep in that direction, avoiding obstacles but still keeping the sprint active. Jumps have been tweaked so now you can crouch and charge your jump. The more you charge the higher you jump.

While the controls aren't always easy to learn, finally mastering all the special moving options is incredibly rewarding and makes you feel like a total BAMF when you start parkouring across your town or shimmying along a ledge like you're in an adventure movie.  The mod has several options for installation (using various API mods) as well as two options for a standalone mod install. It also supports SMP, which is where it really shines because parkouring with friends is incredibly fun, despite some minor bugs (only in multiplayer). I highly recommend you try this mod out, as it adds to the experience, but doesn't unbalance the game too much. After all, that's what we look in mods, don't we?

You can download the mod here:


And here is a great installation tutorial:

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