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The Diamond Pickaxe Awards 2013 - Winners


Happy New Year everybody!

Now that it's 2014, it's time to present the best of the best in Minecraft modding last year. The people have spoken, and the results are in. Want a quick look? We have a short video. Want an in-depth analysis? We've got it, complete with pie charts. Read on for the winners…

If you haven't got the time or just want a nice animated look at the victors, here's the video for you:

But if you crave more, read on. Our categories (click on one to jump straight to it):

Mod of the Year - Thaumcraft

After 2 years of Aether dominance, the third Diamond Pickaxe award for Mod of the Year goes to Thaumcraft! This year the fight was closer than ever, with no mod receiving more than 30% of the votes. It is one of the best mods ever made for any game with tons of well-crafted content and very interesting gameplay. Truly one for the books.

Click here to check out more about Thaumcraft.

Pack of the Year - Faithful 32x

In this category, Faithful 32x and Sphax' Pure BDCraft duked it out for dominance over the course of the entire voting period. In the end, Faithful 32x won and decrowned the previous champion for Pack of the Year.

Best Mob - Mutant Zombie from Mutant Creatures

In a category previously dominated by Mo' Creatures, newcomer Mutant Creatures mod managed to take over the crown with the Mutant Zombie mob that impressed fans the most. Honorable mention goes to the Ent from The Lord of the Rings mod for being a close second.

Click here to check out more about Mutant Creatures.

Best Terrain Mod - ExtraBiomes XL

In this category the two giants - ExtraBiomes XL and Biomes o' Plenty - fought for dominance. In the end, ExtraBiomes XL took home the award. If you were looking for a biome revamp, look no further than these two.

Click here to check out more about ExtraBiomes XL.

Best Sound - MAtmos

Sound may not be what you look for in most mods, but when it's good, it makes the entire mod stand out. When the entire mod is sound being amazing you've got yourself a winning package, and our fans recognized that by voting for MAtmos.

Click here to check out more about MAtmos.

Best Mechanic - Thaumaturgy from Thaumcraft

It's no wonder that THE mod of the year also dominated this category. Our readers obviously enjoy the mod very much.

Click here to check out more about Thaumcraft.

Best Dimension - Aether from The Aether II

The Aether mod, winner of 2 Mod of the Year awards, got a sequel this year that redid the concept of the Aether dimension. While it may not have won Mod of the Year this time (it is still in alpha), our readers still must have noted how good it was. Therefore it absolutely dominated its Best Dimension category, raking in over 50% of the votes.

Click here to check out more about The Aether II.

Best Overhaul - The Seasons Mod

The Seasons mod overhauled how weather and time work in Minecraft, delivering on the promise of true seasonal cycles. The mod is one of my absolute favorites and our readers obviously share the sentiment. The victory is well deserved.

Click here to check out more about The Seasons Mod.

That's all, folks! I hope you enjoyed the third annual Diamond Pickaxe awards. It's been a pleasure organizing the awards. I was very excited to learn which mods did our readers think were the best of the best.

Until next year, feel free to discuss anything in the comment section below…