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Snapshot News - 14w17a brings highly customisable world generation

Mojang has released yet another snapshot, snapshot 14w17a, with a cool new addition to world generation - a new “custom” world type which allows you to mess with Minecraft's famous world generation formula in order to create crazy new worlds. Read on for the details…

The new 14w17a snapshot  is now available via the launcher (just turn on experimental version in your profile and select it). It brings with it a wonderful new custom world type with a menu so complicated it needs 4 pages and several sliders for stuff I don't understand. Luckily, there are people in this world smarter than me, and they're already using the new system to make cool new world types.  Hopefully this will bring about some really cool new maps in the future. For casual users the new mode doesn't do much yet - you can play around with it or randomize all the settings to see what you can get, but the true usefulness of it will be truly taken advantage of by people that “get it”.

Make a world of a thousand tall islands piercing the sky or a flat world with your own twist, everything is possible as long as you know how to work the new menu and its knobbles. The level of customization is staggering. Speaking of, if someone can use it to remake the glacier seed from Beta (and earlier), that would be great.

The snapshot also brings with it some bugfixes and a new world border feature that looks like a cool forcefield. It is yet another feature that will be most useful to map makers, which certainly makes it a welcome addition. That's it for now, but stay tuned for more news on snapshots and mods and maps and everything cool in Minecraft.

You can download the snapshot via the Minecraft launcher (just go to Edit Profile and enable developmental versions).

Like always, feel free to discuss the snapshot and voice any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

P.S. Seriously someone remake glacier.